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Dina Averina was injured and cried before the start of the rhythmic gymnastics tournament in Minsk – what happened?


Dina Averina is crying again. What happened at the rhythmic gymnastics tournament in Minsk

Mikhail Chesalin

The heart is breaking from the tears of the vice-champion of the Olympics in Tokyo.

The wonderful Russian gymnast Dina Averina at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo was supposed to become the owner of a gold medal and one of the main stars of domestic sports. However, the all-around final ended in scandal: the gold was given to a gymnast from Israel, and Dina got only silver.

Then the whole world saw how Dina Averina was crying – from resentment and annoyance, from the rapid collapse of her big Olympic dream.

The Averin sisters had to make a choice – whether to go to the new Olympic cycle, forgetting about all the hardships and injuries that were before Tokyo, or simply put up with a sports failure and end their sports career.
Dina and Arina acted strongly – they continued to compete.

However, sometimes it seems that overcoming another four-year cycle, which in the new political reality, most likely, will not end for the Russians with the Olympics in Paris, is a very difficult task, especially morally.

The fact that not everything is going perfectly is evidenced both by the results and by the removal of Dina from the Russian Championship after a gross mistake. And, apparently, a small episode that happened to the gymnast on the eve of the Crystal Rose tournament.

Dina Averina

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

This tournament has been held in Minsk for 10 years, but due to the coronavirus, it took a three-year pause. Sanctions and suspensions against Russian and Belarusian athletes gave a great reason to resume it.
Gymnasts from eight countries came to the tournament, which takes place at the end of July 2022, but the main stars, of course, are girls from the main teams of Russia and Belarus: Averina sisters, Lala Kramarenko, Alina Gornosko, Anastasia Salos – they will fight for gold.

Before the start of the tournament, all the girls had the opportunity to try out the gymnastic carpet. And on testing with Dina Averina, a failure happened. The girl twisted her leg, could not finish the run of the program, sat down and cried while waiting for the doctors. The medical headquarters of the Russian national team appeared quickly, and the girl was helped. There were no serious injuries, because after a while the gymnast again went to the carpet. However, Dina’s tears made her fans in Russia alert.

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Dina Averina was injured before the tournament in Minsk and could not hold back her tears

The way Dina cries breaks her heart. Therefore, I want to believe that more smiles than tears await her and our other gymnasts on their difficult sports path. At the same time, one must understand that now the girls, working for wear and tear in training and competitions, do not know what awaits them in the future.

Therefore, their courage and perseverance can now only be admired.


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