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Magnus Carlsen / Jan Nepomniachtchi - 1920, 07/20/2022


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MOSCOW, 20 Jul – President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Arkady Dvorkovich said that he hoped that the reigning world champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, after a well-deserved rest, would agree to a match for the world chess crown with Russian Ian Nepomniachtchi.
On Wednesday, Carlsen announced that he would not play in the match for the world chess crown with Nepomniachtchi. The world champion announced his decision on International Chess Day. The 31-year-old grandmaster did not rule out that someday he would compete for the world title. Carlsen also noted that he would continue to play at other tournaments.
“Magnus Carlsen deserves respect from FIDE and the entire chess community, whatever decision he makes regarding his career. Only a handful of people in history can understand and appreciate the huge losses to play in five title matches. Many other great champions in other sports sports have experienced something similar: as the years go by, it becomes harder to find the motivation to train and compete at the highest level, and the reward for winning never feels as strong as the reward for winning for the first time.
“We were hoping that after a well-deserved rest, Magnus would look at it differently. Sports legends like him are always looking for new goals and records. He is still young and could perhaps add more classic titles to his already distinguished career. , as he will definitely try himself in rapid and blitz, which he prefers.”
The Norwegian has previously stated that the format of the match needs to be changed, in particular, it should not consist only of classical games. In addition, the Norwegian last year admitted that he was unlikely to play in 2023 in a match for the world chess crown with someone other than the representative of France, Alireza Firouzja.
“Since he first expressed his doubts publicly, FIDE has been open to dialogue and to considering concrete proposals to change the format of the World Championship. Some of these ideas were discussed in May with Carlsen and other top players, and we had a meeting in Madrid, where all the issues were discussed openly and in detail. Alas, he did not change his mind. His decision not to defend his title is undoubtedly a disappointment for the fans and leaves a big void in us. But chess is now stronger than ever thanks to Magnus. Championship match world, which is one of the oldest and most respected traditions in the world of sports, will take place,” Dvorkovich assured.


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