DWCS: Chris Duncan knocked out Charlie Campbell in the first round and received a contract with the UFC

Shocking knockout. Even the president of the UFC jumped up from his seat. Video

Denis Dorofeev

Denis Dorofeev

Chris Duncan knocked out Charlie Campbell

Previously, Duncan flew away from Borshchev, but now he made a chic comeback.

On the night of August 2-3, the next stage of the Dana White Challenger Series took place. The head of the UFC had very high expectations for the upcoming tournament. If they did not materialize, then Dana would have followed the example of the head of the ASA, Mairbek Khasiev, who disqualified the fighters before the last round of the fight. But in the end, the show was so successful that all five winners got the contract. And also the president of the league said that this edition flew into world trends immediately to second place. This is the first time in the history of the Challenger Series.

And one of the heroes was the Scot Chris Duncan, who was opposed by Charlie Campbell. For a fighter from Scotland, this was the second attempt to get into the UFC. Last year, he was knocked out by Russian fighter Vyacheslav Borshchev. That defeat is still the only one in Chris’ career. The Scot also has experience playing in Bellator, where he won two fights.

As for the opponent, his statistics are 6-1. Campbell was also successful in Bellator, but he lost his only fight early in his ROC career. So I wanted to take it to the next level. Since both fighters are punchers (75% of wins are by knockout), it was expected that the fight would not go the full distance. Moreover, a contract in the UFC is at stake, which motivated the fighters to finish the fight as brightly and quickly as possible.

The video is available on the UFC Russia VK channel. Video rights belong to UFC Russia.

And they lived up to expectations. Already at the beginning of the second minute, Campbell landed two heavy right hooks, but the former rival Borshchev was only led after a right uppercut. He climbed to save himself at his feet, but Charlie managed to step back. And Duncan waited a couple of seconds to land an overhand right, from which his opponent flew unconscious to the canvas and received two hits on the finishing. Dana White was so delighted with what he saw that he jumped up from his seat twice.

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