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Dynamo – CSKA: online broadcast of the central match of the 24th round of the RPL

There is a match of the 24th round of the Russian Premier League between the metropolitan Dynamo and CSKA.

Dynamo – CSKA – 0: 0

32 ‘A dangerous moment at the gate of CSKA! Penalty earned “white and blue.” Submission from the standard, and Ordets, ahead of everyone, struck his head. The ball went near the left post.

30 ‘And here is Panchenko charged for the game. Almost the first shot on target Akinfeev. An excellent combination, and Yusupov in the penalty area with the heel of the army gave the ball under the blow to Kirill. A shot from the left, but the ball flew right into Akinfeev’s hands!

29 ‘From the stands transmit: Twice since the start of the match, the Dynamo fan stand sings chants in honor of CSKA.

28 ‘It seems that the energy of Sergei Ovchinnikov was transferred to his wards. Increasingly, they break into the possession of Dynamo. Now only an inaccurate pass has prevented a dangerous moment from happening.

27 ‘And CSKA is playing actively. Also, Chalov’s strike from the left turned out from the right corner of the Dynamo penalty. The ball came into the hands of Shunin.

25 ‘Meanwhile, Rykov was given yellow. In that attack, he rudely chopped down Chalov.

24 ‘But already something interesting in the match we happened. Sigurdsson grabbed the ball in the midfield and ran with him to someone else’s goal. He did not begin to share the shell with partners, but struck himself. However, the sight of the Icelander is not accurate yet. The ball went above the goal after hitting Arnor meters from 20.

21 ‘Igbun complains to the referee that his Diveev did not allow the ball to attack. Levnikov doesn’t care.

19 ‘And here is the yellow card. Panchenko got it from Dynamo. He pushed Shchennikov in the back when he tried to interrupt the attack of his former team.

15 ‘There are no dangerous moments in the match. But now Maradishvili struck on goal. However, Konstantin struck very much higher than the goal.

13 ‘What kind of whirlwind did the Dynamo have a penalty with the army team on the right. True, things stubbornly do not reach the shot on goal.

10 ‘Rykov suddenly rushed forward, and before the penalty CSKA collapsed, surrounded by three rivals. However, the judge did not see a violation

8 ‘”Dynamo” controls the ball, but so far without much progress towards the goal.

6 ‘Penalty on the left flank of the attack earned the army team. Vlašić’s submission to Shunin’s right goal post, and Magnusson jumped out and struck his head in a U-turn. But the ball flew far above the goal.

4 ‘Sergei Ovchinnikov is in charge of CSKA today. And while his team is defending. True, Dynamo somehow go on the attack somehow. This is in the red-blue hand.

2 ‘CSKA played a corner at the gate, “Dynamo”. But here the players of the home team fought back.

1 ‘Let’s go. CSKA with the ball.

19:02 Yes, in the stands not only the head coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov, but also the mentor of the army team Viktor Goncharenko, but also Heroes of Labor of Russia. For example, the head of the hospital in Kommunark Denis Protsenko.

19:00 And here is how the fans sing before the match.

By the way, Dynamo will play the basis, but the three sick players still miss the meeting. These are Nji, Cabor and Szymanski.

Moscow CSKA continues to try to save the already-failed season and stay in the European competition zone. There are theoretical chances for the Champions League, but so far the internal chaos in the team does not give reason to believe in a successful outcome of the campaign. Perhaps the main task now is to stay in the Eurocup zone.

“Dynamo” is faced with other troubles. The team identified infected with coronavirus. However, recent tests have shown that all players are already healthy. Ahead of the wards of Kirill Novikov derby with the army team. And the struggle for the same place in European competition.

According to official information, Dynamo are ready to play the main team. CSKA is not counted by three players. Disqualified by Vadim Karpov. Injured Alan Dzagoev and Ilzat Akhmetov.

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