Dynamo Minsk – CSKA. The Belarusian club will puzzle Sergei Fedorov

Danil Moiseev

Danil Moiseev

Dynamo Mn - CSKA: prediction for the match 08/14/2022

Dynamo Minsk has been preparing for the new season for a long time, and CSKA is just returning from vacation.

On August 14, a friendly match between Dynamo Minsk and CSKA will take place. The meeting starts at 12:00 Moscow time. Bookmakers in their forecasts give preference to guests. You can bet on the victory of CSKA in regular time with a coefficient of 1.45, and the success of Dynamo Minsk according to the results of 60 minutes was estimated by experts at 4.90.

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Odds of bookmakers for the friendly match Dynamo Minsk – CSKA on August 14, 2022

Bookmakers are sure that the friendly match Dynamo Minsk – CSKA will be effective: the total over 4.5 goals goes for 1.52, and the total under 4.5 goals goes for 2.37. A draw after three periods of the game is available at bookmakers with a coefficient of 4.80. A goal in the first minute of the meeting comes with a coefficient of 11.00.

Forecast and analysis of the friendly match “Dynamo” Minsk – CSKA Moscow (14.08.2022)

Two friendly matches are scheduled for August 14 in Russian hockey. Special attention should be paid to the confrontation between Craig Woodcroft’s Dynamo Minsk and Sergei Fedorov’s CSKA Moscow. The game will take place on the ice of the Minsk Arena in Belarus, the first face-off will take place at 12:00 Moscow time.

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Dynamo Minsk has already managed to make some noise at the Sochi Hockey Open, but with a minus sign. He won two meetings out of five, and Alexei Emelin, who recently joined the club, first checked Nikishin from SKA for airworthiness, and then, in the game with the Russian U25 national team, held a hard power on Matvey Michkovo. The young guy was out for two weeks.

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However, such a strengthening of the squad in the off-season did not give the desired effect to the Minskers. The last meeting with the hosts of the tournament failed. Sochi won with a score of 5:3, despite the fact that the guests were leading after the second period 3:1. Andrey Nazarov, the coach of the Sochi team, during the break, probably gave good motivation to his wards, who shipped four goals.

CSKA also won the Gagarin Cup last season and has not played any matches in the pre-season yet. Very strange, but at the same time the team needed a rest. Plus, in the transfer market, she managed to snatch some interesting players. Recently signed the Swedish defender of “Tampa” Fredrik Klasson. The player also played for San Jose, Ottawa, Rangers and New Jersey, which means he has a solid experience.

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At the same time, the capital club terminated the contract with defender John Gilmour, who moved to Dynamo Minsk. But the army team also extended the contracts of Sergei Plotnikov and Vladislav Kamenev, and also signed a contract with Maxim Mamin, who returned from Florida. Not bad at all: the composition has not changed much, plus there are good point enhancements.

It’s a pity that the Moscow team, without playing tone, will probably go into the first game cold. Minskers will have an advantage at first, especially since they already had seven games. The headquarters worked on the mistakes, the teamwork of the squad should already be in order. So Sergei Fedorov’s opponent is not at all easy now.

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Although in face-to-face meetings, CSKA is a clear favorite. There were 36 games in history, where 30 victories were won by the red-blue and only six by the Minskers. Arguments are superfluous, but Dynamo also had good signings and transfers, so it will be interesting to look at the rivalry. Belarusians may no longer be such outsiders.

In addition to Yemelin, the Minsk club signed Nick Merkley, who played last season for the San Jose Sharks in the NHL, and also rented Avangard forward Dmitry Sokolov. Plus, Canadian defender Mark Barberio from Ak Bars moved to the team.

In such a meeting, we would have expected that the hosts would be able to keep the advantage or not lose it. Firstly, the team is well staffed and has already managed to play, the playing tone is clearly better than that of CSKA. Secondly, he plays at home, the support of the stands will be provided. CSKA will play the first match, you will have to quickly roll into the game, which will be difficult to do.

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At the moment, we would check the bet that Dynamo will not lose in regular time for 2.55. But for now, it’s not worth betting more on the total. Guests spend the first match, while it is not clear what to expect from the squad. The second moment – the hosts played seven meetings and were not so good with opponents stronger in attack. The match with SKA is a confirmation of this – they scored only once (1:4). But Minsk residents can surprise.

Dynamo Mn – CSKA: forecast and bet on a friendly match in the KHL on August 14, 2022

Minsk “Dynamo” managed to hold seven meetings with three victories. Teamwork is slowly coming in, plus a boost in the off-season should help. CSKA did not play games, although the backbone of the team has been preserved and there are point reinforcements. However, the hosts have already worked on the mistakes after the Sochi Hockey Open, and their playing tone is clearly better. It seems that at least they can not lose on their ice.

Bid: Minsk “Dinamo” will not lose for 2.55.

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