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Dynamo – Torpedo – 4: 0, review of the match of the 2nd round of the RPL, video of the goals of Fomin, Zakharyan and Smolov, July 24, 2022


Dynamo declassified Torpedo. It’s already scary for the Borodyuk team

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

If this continues, then the return of the Torpedo team to the First League will be almost inevitable.

The first Moscow derby of the new RPL season took place. Dynamo and Torpedo performed unsuccessfully a week ago: the former failed at home with Rostov, while the latter lost to Sochi. The Blue and White got another chance for a home win and took full advantage of it.

The main interest in terms of squads was to Dynamo, but not for football reasons. A few hours before the match, it turned out that defender Guillermo Varela left the team’s location at night without permission.

A legionnaire secretly escaped from Russia! Dynamo definitely did not expect such a setup

From the first minutes there was a clear picture of the game. Dynamo played number one and, like under the former head coach Sandro Schwartz, went into high pressure when the opponent had the ball. At the same time, five host players could be in the opponent’s half of the field, however, given the number, the pressure looked passive – “Torpedo” in most cases went through the pass.

Despite Dynamo’s game and personnel advantage, Torpedo did not seem like a “passenger” in the first part of the first half. In 15 minutes, the team of Alexander Borodyuk made a couple of solid approaches to the opponent’s goal. But it didn’t last long.

The collapse of Torpedo, in fact, began in the 32nd minute. Fedor Smolov rushed into the semi-flank in time, picked up Arsen Zakharyan’s pass and outwitted goalkeeper Yegor Baburin with a shot in the middle. 1:0.

Perhaps Torpedo would have been able to recover after one goal, but instead it turned out to be a double blow. Within a couple of minutes, Dynamo earned a penalty. Smolov was again in the spotlight. The striker caught on Baburin, who flew after the ball and tried to avoid contact with Fedor. But the referee and then VAR decided it was a “point”. Well, Daniil Fomin scored, for whom this is the 15th consecutive penalty in the RPL. The record (now – 17) is already close!

At this point, the outcome was practically a foregone conclusion. “Torpedo” frankly unstuck and tried to attack without any exhaust. And Dynamo was completely satisfied with such a picture: Slavisha Jokanovic’s team did not feel threatened, but counterattacked with pleasure. The hosts even had three-in-one outings that did not end with goals only by a lucky chance.

Another punch is Zakharyan’s goal. “Torpedo” probably did not mind going to the break with the score 0:2, but got the third ball in the 45th minute. There is even nothing to comment on, just see for yourself how Arsen performed.

In the second half, Torpedo came out more collected. The difference in class was still visible, but Borodyuk’s team continued to fight. Torpedo got better at holding the ball, hitting on goal and even had to score in the 59th minute, but Anton Shunin saved it.

The activity of “Torpedo” became possible, among other things, due to the opponent’s relaxation. But, as the subsequent game showed, even for a relaxed Dynamo, such torpedo players are not a problem. Instead of the long-awaited goal in the wrong gate, “Torpedo” got another one in his own. Again a penalty, again controversial, again the ball in the net. True, this time Smolov struck.

The picture of the game did not change until the final whistle. Dynamo went forward, but without the same enthusiasm. And Torpedo was in fact declassed, although it gave out shameful statistics: 45 percent of possession and 12 shots (Dynamo had eight).

The main intrigue now concerns the Torpedo. If there were no particular doubts in Dynamo after last season, then it’s scary for Borodyuk’s team. Two matches, seven goals conceded, zero points. And this is after a beautiful and long-awaited return to the RPL.

Here is a masterpiece in the derby! Just look what Zakharyan did. LIVE


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