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Dynamo turned the tide against Zorya and snatched victory

After the removal of Tsveka, Skrypnik’s wards stopped fighting for the result

The central confrontation of the 26th round of the Ukrainian championship was expected with special impatience, because its winner became the sole owner of the second position in the standings. In the current tournament, the main intrigue remains the struggle for silver medals, and the main contenders for them came to Zaporozhye (with all due respect to the ambitions of Desna and Alexandria).

The Luhansk residents have long been trying to declare themselves as the “third force” of Ukrainian football. Now they are closer than ever to historical success.

Compared with the previous round, in which Dynamo defeated Alexandria, the coaching staff of Kiev in the starting lineup made two changes. At the last frontier of the metropolitan team, Bushchan came out, and Popov, who had served the suspension, returned to the defense center. “Dawn” also had a substitution on the goalkeeper position: instead of Nikola Vasil, Zauri Makharadze appeared. In addition, instead of Vernidub and Lednev in the starting lineup of Luhansk appeared namesake coach of Kiev Bogdan Mikhaylichenko and Khomchenovsky.

The players of the Lugansk team began to demonstrate their serious intentions from the first minutes of the meeting. “Black and White” took the ball under control, and the people of Kiev, which was a bit surprised, were in no hurry to turn on the active pressure. Guests gave the territory to rivals, concentrating on the defense of their possessions.

The attacking actions of the “white and blue” were initially built on long passes in the direction of Nazariy Rusin. One of them, performed by Bushchan, found a striker, but he struck an inaccurate blow. But the Luhansk residents, trying to maintain a high tempo of the match, answered much more dangerous. Kochergin threw the ball into the penalty area exactly on the head of Gromov, who shot in front of Bushan. The goalkeeper in this episode showed a brilliant reaction.

In the future, the home team somewhat eased the pressure on the opponents’ penalty, but the pressure caused a lot of problems to the people of Kiev. Unlike the Dynamo, the “black and white” often tried to approach the goal due to a short pass.

We admit that such a game looked more promising than basically unaddressed canopies of Kiev from the flanks. It was possible to create a threat for the guests after drawing a standard position. Closing the canopy from the corner, Shabanov made a discount, and Rusin did not have time for the ball.

In general, the first half kept in suspense, there were many martial arts on the field (after one of them, the referee even resorted to the help of a video replay, following the results of this action, he wrote a yellow card to Kenzere).

But the sharpness at the gate was not enough, which was explained by the desire of the players to play as reliably as possible. After all, a goal scored could give an advantage to the successful side, which would have the opportunity to switch to a counterattacking game. And such football is a native element for both teams that met in Zaporizhzhia.

The beginning of the second half of the meeting had to wait about forty minutes – the weather brought its own corrections. When the teams returned to the field, the main question was who would be able to quickly adapt to the heavy lawn.

It was better to do this for Lugansk residents, which immediately brought the result to “black and white”. Shabanov failed Tymchik in the penalty area, and Yurchenko scored a penalty.

The Dynamo coaching staff reacted to such a development of events with a triple substitution, throwing “heavy artillery” into the battle. De Pena, Verbich and Tsygankov appeared on the field, who for the first time after the resumption of the championship entered the game.

A missed goal made the guests more purposefully go on the offensive. And moments near the gates of the Dawn began to appear. On the shock positions were Buyalsky, Verbich, Shabanov … Really for the active actions of the Dynamo Zara had to open an account in the match?

… For the return goal, Kiev took quite a bit of time. Buyalsky in the center burst into the penalty area and struck an exact shot in the corner. Tsygankov and Verbich took part in the scoring attack, designed to add aggression to the “white-blue” attacks. He further confirmed the timeliness of the triple replacement of the Dynamo coaching staff De Pen, who sent the second goal into the Dawn goal from the left corner of the penalty area.

Such a “cold shower” discouraged Luhansk residents, who never came to their senses. Lovro Zvek also, after being replaced, nearly broke Sidorchuk’s leg, leaving his team in the minority. A spectacular point in the match was put by Tsygankov, who hit the target from the penalty area in the sixth minute counted.

Well, the Dawn goal really turned the tide of the meeting. That’s just, sadly for fans of the Lugansk club, he stirred the people of Kiev and had a negative impact on the “black and white”. Once again, we note the successful decision of the coaching staff of Alexei Mikhaylichenko, who turned the course of events with one replacement. True, Dynamo fans cannot but be bothered by the fact that the team began to play only after the need arose.

Ukrainian Premier League. 26th round.

Dawn – Dynamo – 1: 3

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