Ubisoft Learn! EA is usually scolded, but the publisher has long embarked on the right path

Philip Stepin

Philip Stepin

EA is on the right track

Once the most hated publisher in the industry shows everyone how to work …

Recently, many companies have shown themselves not from the best sides. The greatest blow came to Ubisoft, but in general, each had at least one unpleasant scandal. However, while some people make unpopular decisions against the backdrop of negative news, others show themselves on the right side.

Today I want to talk about Electronic Arts. The once most hated publisher has made enough good decisions over the past few years to have something to praise him for and something others can learn from him.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson

EA CEO Andrew Wilson

Photo: EA


While all Activision studios are busy with endless Call of Duty, Ubisoft further turns all their creations into faceless sandboxes with RPG elements, and Sony makes third-person cinematic story games, Electronic Arts has an extremely diverse portfolio.

The publisher has several super-popular games at once – primarily FIFA and Apex Legends. But on top of that, EA is constantly releasing something completely different. Over the past couple of years we have seen:

  • cooperative platformer It Takes Two;
  • action Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order;
  • story adventure Sea of ​​Solitude;
  • online thriller Knockout City;
  • reissue of the role-playing trilogy Mass Effect;
  • adventure Lost in Random;
  • shooter Battlefield 2042.
Lost in Random

Lost in Random


Yes, not all releases are successful, but EA is clearly interested in releasing more interesting releases and giving teams the opportunity to rethink their creations. You can endlessly recall the latest releases of BioWare and DICE, but even there it is difficult to blame the publisher – the teams were given great freedom, but the management of the studios themselves simply could not decide on the vector of development of the projects.

A bit of historical background: the failures of BioWare and DICE have a lot to do with the management of the studios themselves. EA had little influence on development, which could cause some games to stall for years. This happened with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Anthem, when for 3-5 years the team did not do anything concrete, because the managers did not decide on the vision of the projects. As a result, they were hurriedly completed for release in a year and a half.

Something similar happened with Battlefield 2042: many Battlefield veterans left DICE, and the new part was left to the newcomers of the company and the developers of Star Wars: Battlefront. For a long time they could not decide on the vector of development of the game, which is why the shooter was completed in a hurry over the past year. You know the result.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

Now the situation has changed: EA began to strictly monitor the work processes of internal studios, for which they created a whole new division. Its main task is to help developers make games more efficiently, and the publisher understands the state of projects much better.

In case you didn’t know, the creator of Call of Duty, Titanfall and Apex Legends Vince Zampella for several years he has held a high position within Electronic Arts – he influences many decisions of the publisher. And it is visible. No one talks about it publicly, but Zampella is sure to have had a big impact on the return of Dead Space and Skate. Vince is now publicly responsible for the entire Battlefield brand.

Until the end of 2023, EA plans to release several important projects, including:

  • fresh sports lineup: FIFA, NFL, NHL, UFC and so on;
  • Criterion’s first Need for Speed ​​reboot in three years;
  • sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order;
  • remake of Dead Space;
  • new Skate;
  • fourth Dragon Age.
Remake of Dead Space

Remake of Dead Space


All games in different genres with completely different audiences. And the new Skate will suddenly be shareware. At first glance, this is some kind of nonsense – such news only repels the hardcore audience. But if you think about it, this is the most correct solution for a skateboarder simulator.

We still don’t know much about the game, but it’s already clear that the developers are betting heavily on the social aspect and user-generated content. A shareware format, with the right approach, will only help the popularity of the game – and it will make life easier for everyone due to the ability to change the device and save progress at any time.

skate (2023)

skate (2023)

At the same time, EA has a successful case of a free game – Apex Legends. In terms of monetization, it is not ideal, but Respawn listens to feedback and often changes certain aspects. For several years, the royal battle certainly has not turned into a “donation dump”, so you should not worry too much about Skate.

EA are handsome?

EA is not perfect – the failure of Battlefield 2042 will be remembered for a long time to come, but so far DICE is diligently solving problems, although it is doing it too slowly. Six months later, the attitude towards the game has already begun to improve, but now the main thing is not to quit the game, switching to the next part. EA pulled a similar feint when they dropped support for Battlefield 5 in favor of Battlefield 2042. Once again, this trick won’t work.

Review of Battlefield 2042. The scale does not suit her
Review of Battlefield 2042. The scale does not suit her

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042

However, in general, EA is rather pleased now: gifts for owners of old games, free next-gen updates, a really diverse catalog of games, and so on. There are problems, but against the background of the rest of the industry they are minimal. EA is really moving in the right direction – even on the hype it didn’t get dirty for NFTs.

I would like to believe that the new development vector of Electronic Arts will not lead to a dead end. That BioWare will finally return to its former greatness, and DICE will again remember how to make Battlefield. We just have to watch.

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