What is the main problem of Ferrari and who is to blame for the accidents in Miami. Analysis from Orudzhev

Egor Orudzhev

Egor Orudzhev on the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Hamilton complained about the team in vain, and the FIA ​​should not think about the jewelry and underwear of the riders.

Egor Orudzhev, a permanent expert of the Championship, a racer of the SMP Racing program and a pilot of Lukoil Racing in the SMP RCRS, answered the main questions following the results of the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix, which ended with the victory of Max Verstappen.

Is it possible to say that the initiative in the championship is moving from Ferrari to Red Bull?

It is clear that Red Bull works better with rubber. On one lap, Ferrari has the advantage. And after a safety car on “cold” tires, red cars look faster. However, the more laps a set of tires complete, the greater the difference in speed goes over to Red Bull. I don’t think Ferrari will solve this problem. Usually, in order to extend the life of rubber, some kind of major upgrade is needed. The Reds will have chances on tracks where there is less stress on the rubber and places for overtaking.

Could Leclerc have done something differently after the restart?

Apparently not. Even when the rubber works a little better, it was not possible to drive up close.

Hamilton criticized Mercedes for offering to decide for himself whether to go to the pit stop under a safety car or not. Do you share Lewis’ anger?

No, I do not share at all. Lewis has often criticized the team’s decisions during the race lately. Apparently, in order not to put Lewis in an “uncomfortable situation” once again, they decided to give him the opportunity to choose for himself.

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Hamilton explained his dissatisfaction with the team during the Miami Grand Prix

Accidents Vettel-Schumacher and Alonso-Gasly – who is to blame?

In contact with Gasly full fault Alonso. As well as his contact with Lewis at the start. Just slipped inside. Not catching up, but at the level of the rear wheel. Yes, even at the last moment. Formally, you are inside a person, and you can always say that “the gate was slammed”, but the driver in front has no chance to react.

But in the accident of Vettel and Schumacher, on the contrary, Sebastian’s fault. Mick had been in the mirrors for a long time and did not come to the rear wheel at all. It was heard over the radio that Seb had clearly taken the blame, saying that he hadn’t seen Mick.

Schumacher again deprived himself of the first points in F-1: Mick became one of the anti-heroes of the Miami Grand Prix
Schumacher again deprived himself of the first points in F-1: Mick became one of the anti-heroes of the Miami Grand Prix

Who is the best race driver and why?

I think Verstapen. Drove like a robot, no errors. Russell can be noted, but if it weren’t for SC, then his plan would not have materialized. Albon did well, but he was also lucky with the accidents of others. So, in my opinion, Max.

How do you like the new track? Decorates Formula 1 or nothing? What other circuit is it like?

For many, the track in Miami reminded Sochi, but, as for me, there are not enough similarities: the slow part is not Sochi at all, but rather Baku. The track is great, but the slow part is too narrow. When they make tracks where at some point one car is placed, it’s like the neck of a bottle: everyone will always stretch there. Why make such a plug and such a narrow slow part? Even with high curbs. And the exit to the long straight is also ultra-narrow. From such places it is impossible to go into a dense and attack on a straight line, even DRS did not always help. And so it turned out to be quite an interesting race.

Podium at the Hard Rock Stadium

Podium at the Hard Rock Stadium

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Riders complained about the lack of a TecPro barrier at turn 14 of the track. On the case – or was it in vain to whine?

No, not in vain. Hitting concrete is painful, and when you’re on a budget, you don’t want to use extra parts. And the impact on concrete is very hard. And for the rider himself, this is a serious blow.

What do you think about the disputes between the FIA ​​and Hamilton about jewelry? Should the federation act so tough or is it ridiculous?

Foolish controversy. They better think that the Aston Martin safety car drives slower than the Mercedes, which results in colder tires, and with the power of an F-1, it’s dangerous! I think the same about fresh claims to the underwear of pilots.

The pilots warned F-1 about a dangerous turn, but they were not listened to.  But they banned piercing!
The pilots warned F-1 about a dangerous turn, but they were not listened to. But they banned piercing!


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