Emotions of Kamila Valieva after the premiere of a free program based on the 2022 Olympics: emotions, author of the idea, costume

“It’s like I’ve been plunged back into it.” Valieva remembered the Olympics on ice and burst into tears

Yana Levkhina

Valieva remembered the Olympics

Camila is trying to survive the Beijing tragedy with the help of a new program.

The performance of Kamila Valieva in the free program at the test skates of the Russian national team was a real revelation. The figure skater remembered on the ice the whole tragedy that happened to her at the 2022 Olympics, right up to the moment when she runs past the journalists, hiding behind her hood. Of course, the student Tutberidze could not restrain her emotions – this whole story was experienced only seven months ago and it has not yet been put to an end.

Camila started crying on the ice and entered the mixed zone in tears. It was very difficult for the figure skater to talk about the program, about her feelings – she answered all questions in a trembling voice.

“Championship” gives a full interview with Valieva from the mixed zone.

Test skates of the Russian national team can be viewed at Okko.

– What are the feelings after the rental?
– The main thing was to carry your story through the program. I think it succeeded.

– Can you tell us how the program was staged, whose idea it was?
– They worked on the production with Daniil Markovich and Eteri Georgievna, as usual. They asked in advance if I wanted to touch on this topic. It seemed to me that it could and should be lived. I agreed.

– How do you like the support of the audience? Literally everyone got up after your performance.
“I am very glad that so many people came to support us today. I’m glad that I was able to touch them, to their soul.

Valieva brought the audience to tears with a chic rental.  Even Tutberidze could not resist!  Online
Valieva brought the audience to tears with a chic rental. Even Tutberidze could not resist! Online

– At the beginning of the program there was news that you don’t want to believe. What was it like listening to them now?
– When I first listened to the words and music, I could not hold back the tears. How many skated the program in training, there were no such emotions. When I came out now, it was as if they had plunged me into it again, tears welled up again, but I needed to show the program. There was some shaking, but I’m happy that it became my free program, that I was able to show it to people.

– It often happens in life that you need to say something out loud and after that it will be possible to move on. How important is it for you to do this?
– It is important.

– You guessed the word “faith” in the short program. Why was this not enough for the Olympics?
– Let me keep this. Everyone interprets differently. I have this interpretation.

Kamila Valieva

Kamila Valieva

Photo: Alexander Safonov, “Championship”

– There were no thoughts to withdraw from the free program due to the fact that not all elements are ready?
– For me, the main thing now is not the fulfillment of the elements. This is still not the Olympic season, to be ready for anything from the beginning of the season. Now there are other priorities.

To what extent did you manage to achieve the goals that were set today?
– The goal was to show the program, not to fall off the jumps. I prepared for the start of the season as best I could. In general, I am satisfied with the rental.

– Your nickname “beauty is beautiful” is displayed when you go out. Can you tell…
– I saw it for the first timelaughs). I didn’t even know.

– Camila, tell us a little about the dress, how did it appear?
– The hood – it’s clear what the reference is. The dress itself is larger than Eteri Georgievna and Olga Ryabenko created. I said what details need to be changed. I think the dress will probably still be improved.

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