England’s cricketer Jack Leach is unaware of Coronavirus, said – I am strong


The many tournaments have been canceled or postponed due to coronavirus. The coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a rage all over the world at this time.

Jack Leach
Jack Leach

The coronavirus has stopped the economy of all countries. England’s left-arm spinner Jack Leach is not at all afraid of the coronavirus. Jack believes that even if he gets coronavirus, he will not die.

There are more than 4 thousand patients of Coronaviral in Britain and 240 people have died. But Jack Leach says that he is strong and nothing will happen to him.

Jack Leach said in an interview that “He has suffered a lot of diseases since childhood and after that, he has become stronger, in which case the coronavirus will not spoil him.”

Leach said, “Fighting the disease since childhood and now I am young and fit so I am confident that I will not have coronavirus and I will be fine. Even if I got coronavirus, nothing would happen to me. I am thinking not about myself but for society because many people are very weak.”

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