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ESC RFU: the judge mistakenly did not remove the player of “Spartak” Sobolev in the match with “Krasnodar”

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MOSCOW, 27 Jul – Referee Kirill Levnikov could twice remove the Moscow Spartak football player Alexander Sobolev from the field in the second round match of the Russian Championship with Krasnodar, follows from the decision of the expert-judging commission under the President of the Russian Football Union (ESK RFU), published on the website of the organization.
On Saturday Krasnodar lost at home to Spartak with a score of 1:4. “Krasnodar” asked the commission to evaluate the work of the referee in the episodes with the failure to issue a second warning to Sobolev, the capture of the gates of “Krasnodar” and the removal of the host player Alexander Chernikov.
“The referee mistakenly did not issue a second warning in the match and, accordingly, did not remove the player of the Spartak team Alexander Sobolev from the field at the 32nd minute of the match. Litvinov for the top ball, when choosing a position before jumping up in the direction of the ball, he made an unnatural movement with his elbow, which led to contact in the opponent’s face, without thinking about his safety.The actions of the Spartak player, in the opinion of the majority of the commission members, should be regarded as reckless – the referee should have issued a warning to this player,” the statement said.
“In turn, the commission also notes that Sobolev’s further actions in relation to Krasnodar player John Cordoba after a shot on goal in the form of a provocative gesture close to the opponent’s face, belittling his dignity, which could lead to a player’s response and a mass confrontation between players are also unsportsmanlike conduct and warrant a warning,” the statement added.
Also, the commission came to the conclusion that the referee correctly counted the goal of Krasnodar (35th minute), and did not establish an obvious mistake in the decision to remove Chernikov from the field (37).



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