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Ex-Barcelona player Dani Alves has criticized the club for the situation with the contract

© Photo : NELSON ALMEIDASao Paulo defender Dani Alves

MOSCOW, 24 July – Brazilian defender Dani Alves has criticized the management of the Spanish football club “Barcelona” for the situation with his contract.
On Friday, Alves signed a contract with Mexican Pumas. From 2008 to 2016, as well as in the 2021/22 season, he played for the Spanish “Barcelona”.
“There are different ways to respect people who have achieved great success at Barça. That’s why I said I’m eternally grateful to the club, but not for how the contract renewal was handled. When I moved to Barcelona, ​​I said that They will never have problems with me Living in Barcelona is a gift of life They could meet me halfway If I stay I stay if I don’t I don’t But we had almost a month of waiting for them to finally tell me : “Hey, we will not renew the contract,” said Alves, quoted by As.
“I signed a contract for six months, it’s over. But they could have let me know earlier! In the last game at the Camp Nou against Villarreal, they could have told me:” Dani, you will not play here anymore. “And I I could say goodbye to the fans right there,” the player added.
Alves, with 46 titles, is the most decorated footballer in history. As part of Barcelona, ​​he became a six-time Spanish champion, four-time winner of the Spanish Cup and Super Cup, and three-time winner of the Champions League. Alves also played for the Spanish “Seville”, Turin “Juventus”, the French “Paris Saint-Germain” and the Brazilian teams “Bahia” and “Sao Paulo”.



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