Kulachka in Russia is regularly updated with new interesting faces. Heavyweight Oleg Fomichev from Top Dog is definitely one of them. Fomich competed in professional boxing, and after a long break, he broke into the Rugby organization and won two confident victories. In addition, Oleg, on short notice, fought with Soslan Asbarov according to the rules of boxing at the Pravda tournament and lost by a controversial decision of the judges.

Fomich spoke about this, as well as about the similarity with Fedor Emelianenko, the support of his son and the tattoo with the image of Alexander Usik, in an interview with the Championship.

Oleg Fomichev

Oleg Fomichev

Photo: Top Dog

– You won the last duel against the Mute. Has anything changed in preparation compared to previous fights?
– No, I would not say, they trained in the same mode. The only thing is that the sparring partner was rebuilt as a left-hander.

– Was the victory over the Mute more difficult than the others?
– He was uncomfortable and viscous, did not let me work. And so I didn’t see anything special in it. Well, he still has a strong head.

– Do you have an active contract with Top Dog? For how many fights?
– Of course, for five fights.

Have you received any proposals from other organizations?
– It seems yes, I heard, but the manager has more information. It’s just that we have a fairly friendly relationship with Top Dog, we don’t want to be scattered and plan to move only with them.

– You are a professional boxer, but before the fight with Asbarov, you had not competed at Pravda since 2018. Why did you stop fighting like a pro?
I gave up boxing. I left the sport, tried to do something else, then I realized that I had to go back. I began to perform slowly, to bring myself into shape. I started boxing as an amateur, and then I was offered a fight with Asbarov.

Oleg Fomichev and Soslan Asbarov

Oleg Fomichev and Soslan Asbarov

Photo: from the personal archive of Oleg Fomichev

– What did you do during the break?
– Worked as a loader, security guard. Just worked.

– You entered the fight with Asbarov on a very short notice. If you remember more precisely, how many days before the fight did you agree?
“In four or five days.

– Did you manage to somehow prepare personally for Asbarov, to study him at least a little?
– To be honest, I didn’t even know who I was fighting with, who it was. I had never watched fisticuffs before – somehow I was not interested. Now I’ve already started slowly, because I have to do it, I’m boiling in this mess. They just told me that there is a guy with whom everyone refuses to box. I say, no question, let’s box. I recognized his height and stance – that was enough for me to show a worthy fight.

– Did the fact that just two weeks before the fight with Asbarov you fought with Maxim Litvinets on Top Dog, did it help or harm?
– I don’t know, it just happened that way, I came after the fight with Lithuania and kept in shape. In the usual mode, he came to the hall – jump rope, shadow boxing. In my opinion, I didn’t even stand in pairs, because the fight had just passed. I just felt good, I understood that I could show a good fight, that’s why I agreed.

– The victory was given to Asbarov by the decision of the judges. How fair do you think this is?
– I think that at least I did not lose this fight. But the judges decide, so what to do now. Of course, if there is an opportunity for a rematch, I would box with great pleasure. I told the manager – as soon as there is an opportunity to get revenge, immediately grab it.

– Many people notice your resemblance to Fedor Emelianenko. They already call you Topdog’s Fedor and the Last Emperor. What do you think about it?
“Maybe people see the resemblance. I just have a photo with Fedor. I sometimes look at her and think – damn it, well, there are no similarities! I do not see.

– Does it happen that in real life people note similarities with Emelianenko?
– Of course, it happens, but in Volgograd, where I live, everyone knows each other, so this rarely happens.

– Do you follow Fedor’s career yourself?
“I used to watch all the time. It seems to me that any boy was following him, because this is the Last Emperor, a serious legend. I don’t think I’m the only one.

– Do you think Fedor should fight Bader for the Bellator belt? Or is it better not to take risks and end your career with a victory over a weaker opponent?
– I think Fedor can see it better himself, because he is already old – he himself feels whether he needs it or not. I think self-control is the most important thing in a person. When I am offered a fight with someone, I first of all decide for myself whether it is worth it or not. Then I consult with the coach. Fedor is the same – he knows his body himself, he is a very cool professional in his field, so he knows better in the first place.

– I see your resemblance to Fedor in that you, like him, have already shown your level more than once against opponents much larger. Is there something that makes you feel more comfortable in fights against oversized fighters?
– I never had a difference with whom to fight, to box. I just go out and don’t choose. It might be easier, but it doesn’t matter to me. What is small, what is big – you still go out and fight with him.

– Your next opponent, Evgeny Ganin, is also a very big athlete, a titled kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter. Do you consider him the most dangerous opponent in your career?
– On the cam – yes, on boxing – no.

– Who would you call the most dangerous in boxing?
– I boxed with Maxim Babarin, many times I was a sparring partner with Evgeny Romanov.

– Ganin’s weight is 100 kg, height is 195 cm. Do you already have ideas how to defeat him?
– Yes, I think that the main thing is to do your job, go forward and not be afraid of anyone.

– In social networks, you posted a photo with Dmitry Kudryashov. Did you meet at the Pravda tournament or have you already trained together?
Until that moment, I did not know him and never crossed paths with him. Such a moment came across, he is a kind of legend, I decided to come up and shake his hand. We exchanged a few words – a very nice person in fact.

Oleg Fomichev and Dmitry Kudryashov

Oleg Fomichev and Dmitry Kudryashov

Photo: from the personal archive of Oleg Fomichev

– His fight with Vagabov – were you surprised that Kudryashov knocked out one of the main stars of Russian MMA so easily?
– No, boxing and MMA are completely different. The gloves were quite thin, and as everyone knows, Dmitry Kudryashov is a Russian Sledgehammer. I was in the co-main battle of the evening. I went to the locker room after the fight, I thought I would put myself in order and look at Kudryashov and Vagabov. I come – there is already a knockout!

– Do you think it will be more difficult for Dmitry to cope with Vyacheslav Datsik?
– I don’t follow Datsik, I heard that he has a strong head. I think it might give some result. But I believe that there will be nothing difficult for Dmitry.

– The boss of Top Dog Rugby player has not competed for a long time, but for a long time they have been talking about his fight against Anatoly Sulyanov. Would you like to see such a fight?
– Purely out of sports interest – yes.

– Would Sulyanov have a chance?
“It’s a sport, it can be anything. I think it is already clear which side I will be on – the side of Rugby.

– Do you have a regular job now or are you completely focused on boxing and fist performances?
– I am also a children’s boxing coach. I work in a children’s and youth school, I train children up to 18 years old.

– There is a stereotype among the people that all professional boxers earn space money. How different are the fees at Top Dog from the amounts paid at the start of your professional career?
– There is a difference, of course. Just when I went to the first professional fight, who knew me? Nobody. How much they said, how much they paid. Now it’s just a different story.

– Has the difference in the level of fees increased several times?
– For me, this is a good difference, so I will say.

– Is your nickname Fomich just an abbreviation of the surname or is there some other meaning?
– From the surname – friends have called me that since boxing, coaches also called me. I decided not to bother.

– Have you thought about changing your nickname, taking on something more catchy?
– Yah! Already took it – and go to the end.

– You have tattoos of boxers in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe ribs and on the shoulder. It is not easy to see in the photo in social networks – can you tell us who it is and why you chose them?
– On the shoulder – a good boxer, interesting. Oleksandr Usyk – I used to follow his career, I like his technique, willpower, determination. I really liked it, and decided to fill it on my shoulder. Under the bust – just a silhouette of boxers.

Oleg Fomichev

Oleg Fomichev

Photo: from the personal archive of Oleg Fomichev

– Do you consider Usyk a benchmark in terms of boxing?
– No, we have a different style of fighting. He is left handed, I am right handed. I like him as a person, as an athlete. And so I decided this for myself. In general, I believe that you can take something good from every top athlete.

– Do you believe that Usyk will defeat Joshua in a rematch?
– I think yes. Joshua broke down psychologically after the first fight. He believed in himself so much, and then something went wrong.

– In social networks you can see photos of your son. Does he follow your cam progress?
– He is five years old, he understands something, something – not yet. So far, everything is the same for him – these are simple fights. He is already looking and saying: “Oleg, Oleg, come on, come on!” He knows that I am an athlete, but, it seems to me, he still does not understand that I am specifically in the cam.

Can you imagine him becoming a fighter too?
– I have always adhered to such a policy – if a person wants to do this, let him do it. And you don’t have to force him. If he wants to be a fighter, let him do it. The main thing is not through force.

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