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Football.  RPL.  Match Fakel - Dynamo - 1920, 13.08.2022

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MOSCOW, 13 Aug – Oleg Vasilenko, head coach of Voronezh Fakel, said he was dissatisfied with the draw in the fifth round match of the Russian Football Championship with Yekaterinburg Ural.
The meeting, which took place in Voronezh in the presence of 18178 spectators, ended with a score of 0:0.
“The opponents were defending in large numbers. We tried to open it, tried to threaten the goal. We succeeded, but if we didn’t score a goal, we didn’t do it very well. There are things that we did well. In general, we are not satisfied draw, we are upset. We understand that every point is for the piggy bank. Nevertheless, we tuned in to win and kept pace. In my opinion, we scored a goal. But these are all excuses for the poor. We wanted to win, we needed to win , we made efforts, but Ural’s echeloned defense was not opened, so it’s 0-0,” Vasilenko said at the post-match press conference, a video of which was published on the Torch YouTube channel.
In turn, the acting head coach of “Ural” Yevgeny Averyanov was also dissatisfied with the result, noting that the quality of the field affected the game of his team.
“Today, for me personally and for the whole team, it was the most emotional match. Since the game was “for six points”, there was a lot of struggle, the desire to win, but not as much skill as we would like. It is worth highlighting the quality of the field, namely its slowness. The grass is quite tall and when it dried up it became much more difficult to create chances. Because of this, I think we had a lot of losses. If there was a field like at Ekaterinburg Arena, we would be even faster played and played downstairs. When we were preparing for the match in Voronezh, we saw the most vertical football, and now I understand why we didn’t win. Because it’s very difficult for any team to create downstairs on this field, “Averyanov is quoted as saying by the official website of the Yekaterinburg club.
“Torch” with three points is 12th in the standings. The club has never won this season. “Ural” with one point is on the last, 16th line.


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