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Fan ID: how to get and who needs it, how to get a fan ID for children, where it will be applied, details, boycott


Fan ID is even closer: the Ministry of Sports has announced that it will be possible to start issuing a fan ID as early as July 4. The document will be needed to enter the RPL games, as well as the final match of the Russian Cup, and everyone will need to receive it: fans, VIP guests, staff and journalists.

Everything is being done to “increase the level of security at stadiums and sports facilities.” “The system will not allow issuing a card to a person who, for example, was banned by the court from attending competitions due to participation in riots,” the Ministry of Sports said in a statement.

Ministry of Sports of Russia

ministry message

The fan card does not replace, but improves the existing security system at stadiums, creates a new standard for admission to competitions. Tickets for matches are currently impersonal, and this is used by citizens who are prohibited from entering a stadium or other sports facility by a court decision. In addition, now personal data of fans is stored in the systems of different clubs, and when an electronic fan card is introduced, all data will be stored in the State Services system, will be unified and protected.

How to get a Fan ID?

To do this, you will need a verified account on the State Services – a questionnaire is filled out on the site, to which a photo is attached. But if everything was limited only to this: then you need to personally appear at the MFC to check whether the uploaded photo matches your identity. It is necessary to confirm the data – without this nothing will work.

You can come for the procedure at the MFC in 11 regions where RPL clubs are based, as well as at temporary service centers near stadiums in five cities, where a Fan ID pass will work from July. These are Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Sochi, Samara and Rostov-on-Don. They promise that if the data is correct, the verification will take a couple of minutes. What will happen if an error is found somewhere is not reported.

A passport is issued once. By the end of the year, “for the convenience of fans”, a mobile application for the Electronic Fan Card should appear.

“I’d rather not call it a passport.” RFU President answered questions about Fan ID

Do children need to make it?

Yes. For children under 14 years of age, a digital passport can be issued by parents/guardians/adoptive parents or official representatives from their account on the State Services. A questionnaire is also filled out for the child, to which a photo must be attached. It is not necessary to drag children with you to the MFC (but only if you have uploaded the appropriate photo!) – it is enough for an adult to come with his passport, birth certificate of the child and a notarized power of attorney (if you are a representative).

Can I transfer my match ticket to someone else?

This is possible, but you have to conjure on the State Services website. If a fan is unable to attend the match, he can transfer his ticket through his personal account: to do this, you need to indicate either the Fan ID number of another person, or his phone number, or email address.

Fans vs Fan ID

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

What will the Fan ID look like?

In addition to the number, fans will receive a QR code that they will need to scan when entering the stadium. It will automatically appear in your personal account after purchasing a ticket.

What if there are several tickets in the order?

Then you need to go to your personal account at the State Services, indicate which ticket you are using, and link the Fan ID numbers of the people for whom they were bought to the rest. In this case, QR codes will be generated for everyone.

Is it possible to know in advance if there will be a refusal?

If you had an administrative ban on attending official sports competitions, then you will not be able to get a passport until the end of the ban period.

What to do in case of refusal?

The decision can only be challenged in court.

What will change for fans after the introduction of Fan ID? Analysis of the main nuances of the law

Who will start the system when?

From the start of the RPL, the card will be required at five stadiums:

  • “Fisht”;
  • “Rostov-Arena”;
  • “Yekaterinburg Arena”;
  • “Solidarity Samara Arena”;
  • “Nizhny Novgorod”.

Half empty stadium in Yekaterinburg

Photo: fc-ural.ru

These stadiums are first in line as they hosted the 2018 World Cup matches. According to First Deputy Minister of Sports Azat Kadyrov, “they have all the equipment necessary to ensure the correct operation of the fan card.”

From December, a FAN ID will be required at all other stadiums, and these are:

  • “Gazprom Arena”;
  • “Opening Arena”;
  • “RZD Arena”;
  • “VEB Arena”;
  • “VTB Arena”;
  • Arena Khimki;
  • “Krasnodar”;
  • “Akhmat Arena”;
  • “Luzhniki”;
  • “Central Stadium of Trade Unions”;
  • Stadium Gazovik.

Who has already announced a boycott?

Fans of almost all RPL clubs – Spartak, CSKA, Dynamo, Lokomotiv, Krasnodar, Rostov at least. Newbies Fakel and Torpedo also joined. Fans of Zenit will buy season tickets only for the first round, that is, they will go to the stadium until the Fan ID works there.

And the fans of Akhmat and Orenburg are still silent.


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