Seven Leicester fans arrested in Italy for fighting at Conference League match against Roma

ROME, May 6 – Seven fans of the English football club “Leicester” were arrested during the second leg of the Conference League semi-final with the Italian “Roma” for attacking the stewards of Rome’s Stadio Olimpico, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.
According to the Questura, the police have successfully implemented a plan to ensure security in the stadium area and in the city, paying special attention to local pubs. There were 3,500 Leicester fans in the stadium, causing no problems until the match itself.
“In the last minutes of the match, several Roma fans, who occupied a sector next to the guests, threw some objects towards the British. This provoked a reaction from the latter, who, wanting to attack the supporters of the Giallorossi, attacked the stewards,” the report says.
The police came to the aid of the stewards, with whom the British also clashed. The police detained seven Englishmen aged 23 to 36. Six stewards and five police officers were injured in the clashes. According to the forecasts of doctors, the period of their recovery will be from 2 to 15 days.
On Friday morning, seven detainees were sentenced to a year in prison for resisting officials and violence, and two more were prosecuted for carrying pyrotechnics. For all violators issued a ban on attending sports competitions in Italy for a period of five years.
Roma beat Leicester 2-1 on aggregate in the semi-finals. In the second leg, the Romans won 1-0 at home thanks to a goal scored by Tammy Abraham, for whom this goal was the ninth in the tournament.



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