Roger Federer

Roger Federer, a 20-time Grand Slam winner, does not forget the promises he made a few years ago. On August 8, the birthday of the Swiss, a video appeared on the Web in which he fulfilled the dream of a young fan by playing a friendly match with him. But the guy himself did not even suspect that he was going to meet with Federer himself.
“Can you play for eight or nine more years so that I can turn pro and play with you?” – such a question was asked by the ex-first racket of the world Izyan Ahmad, nicknamed “Zizu” at the US Open press conference in 2017.
The boy was visibly worried, but Federer reassured him, with his usual smile, promising Zizu to wait for him on the court.
Five years later, the story took off. At first it seemed that the guy got into the “Joke” program, but the dream was becoming a reality. The grown-up Zizou and his coach received an invitation to visit Zurich to take part in special training sessions.
In Switzerland, Zizu was treated like a superstar. All the wait staff called him by his first name, a group of fans gathered at the edge of the court chanting his name, and the chef of a local restaurant even asked the guy for a joint photo. All this time, Federer watched what was happening, being on the other side of the cameras.
“I’m worried about him!” said the Swiss, chuckling at Zizou’s embarrassed reaction to the increased attention.
Soon Federer appeared on the court, which shocked the guy. Roger hugged Zizu and reminded him of his promise. Zizou, of course, agreed to a friendly match. As a result of sparring, Federer praised the level of play of the young tennis player and the “rivals” went to a joint lunch.
“When the greatest makes a promise, he keeps it!” Zizou later wrote on social networks. “That’s what makes him an idol. Mr. Federer, thank you for the best day of my life, for these memorable moments! I will always be grateful for what you kept promise. Happy birthday!”


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