Ferencváros reached the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, what they write in Hungary about the Russian coach Cherchesov

“Cherchesov’s team accomplished a feat.” In Hungary, they admire the endurance of the Russian coach

Kirill Zakatchenko

The club from Budapest set two achievements at once.

Stanislav Cherchesov continues his campaign in the group stage of the Champions League. On the eve of his “Ferencváros” overcame the 2nd qualifying round, simultaneously setting two achievements at once. For the first time in history, a Hungarian club reached the next stage of the Champions League after losing the first match at home. In addition, no team from this country has yet been able to play in the group stage of European competition for four years in a row. Ferencváros will definitely play in the group this season, but it is not yet clear in which of the three tournaments.

Cherchesov defeated another opponent in the Champions League! Powerful comeback at the right time

After the match in Bratislava, Nemziti Sport noted Cherchesov’s calmness, with which he met the second goal of the Hungarian team.

“After the second goal, the players sitting on the bench no longer concealed their emotions and celebrated the goal with might and main. Only Cherchesov walked along the sideline with a straight face, his hands behind his back. The guests had to be nervous after Slovan played one ball, but in the end, Ferencvaros removed all questions about the winner of the confrontation. Traore, who scored the third goal, ran to Cherchesov in joy and jumped on the coach’s neck, but by that time the whole bench was already on his feet, and pyrotechnics were being burned in the guest sector. Ferencváros corrected the mistakes they made a week ago.”

Ferencváros players

Photo: FC Ferencváros

Journalist Gabor Turi, representing Nemziti Sport, praised Cherchesov for the work done. According to the Hungarian, the Russian coach outplayed Vladimir Weiss.

“A week ago, Ferencváros opened the scoring, but it was felt that the team was missing something. Perhaps there was not enough concentration in the ending. In the second leg, the guests dominated the field, carried out good attacks and scored two goals in the first half. After that, it became clear who was in the role of the favorite. According to some experts, Vladimir Weiss outplayed Stanislav Cherchesov in the first match. The Slovak specialist won a kind of chess game. But in Bratislava, the Russian coach has already shown himself to be an experienced grandmaster. Of course, we had a desire to take revenge for the defeat of a week ago. In Slovakia, Ferencváros gave a decent response, and most importantly, that he did it in the spirit of fair play. Cherchesov’s team accomplished a real feat.”

The Index.xu portal also drew attention to Cherchesov’s composure. Despite the success in Bratislava, the coach understands that the main tests are ahead.

“The Russian coach of Ferencváros is still firmly on his feet, despite the team’s truly outstanding success. For the first time in history, a club from Hungary advanced to the next round of the Champions League after losing the first home match. When the coach was asked about what this success means to him personally, he gave the usual evasive answer. Cherchesov noted that this is a merit of the whole team. Despite the bright victory, the Russian coach talked about the next match in the championship with enviable calmness.

Stanislav Cherchesov

Photo: Getty Images

Origo.hu notes the competent communication of the Russian coach with the players.

“For those who watch the team from the side, Cherchesov seems like a grumpy sergeant. However, his answers at the press conference prove that the coach understands his players very well. For example, Cherchesov said that after the first match he talked with Boli and convinced the player that he would definitely score. And Frank really scored a goal in the second leg. And during the break of the match in Bratislava, the coach spoke with Laiduni and reassured the player, who acted too aggressively. Fortunately, the players are listening to Cherchesov.”

Who will Cherchesov and Golovin play now? Champions League line-ups

In the 3rd qualifying round, Cherchesov’s team will meet with Azerbaijan’s Qarabag. In case of victory, Ferencváros will have to overcome only one stage to get into the group stage of the tournament.

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