Cherchesov is one step away from relegation from the Champions League. The Russians outwitted the former coach of “Saturn”

Anatoly Romanov

Anatoly Romanov

Cherchesov on the verge of relegation from the Champions League

Ferencvaros lost to Slovan at home in the Champions League qualification, although they won during the match.

Stanislav Cherchesov quite easily passed the first round of Champions League qualification with Ferencvaros, defeating Tobol from Kazakhstan on aggregate (0:0 away and 5:0 at home). In the second round, the Hungarian champions got a stronger team – Slovan from Bratislava. It is headed by the ex-head coach of Saturn Vladimir Weiss. Playing for the Slovaks, Vladimir Weiss Jr. (played for Manchester City and Rangers), Juraj Kutska (Milan) and other fairly well-known football players in Europe. At the same time, Slovan is a principal rival for Frodi because of the relationship between club fans: 30 years ago, the confrontation between Ferencváros and Slovan ended in riots right at the stadium.

Today, the crowded stands of the beautiful modern Groupama Arena drove the hosts forward from the first minutes. Slovan tried to get involved in an open fight, so football was fun – attack on attack. Already in the sixth minute, Cherchesov’s team was incredibly lucky. After Weiss Jr.’s free-kick, Hungary’s goalkeeper Denesh Dibus (he recently took part in the defeat of the English in the League of Nations – 4: 0) pulled the ball from the line, and defender Yuri Medvedev, who was the first on the rebound, managed not to get into an empty net. The Slovan player did not offend his compatriot. Medvedev was born into a Russian family in Kazakhstan, and as a child he left with his family for the Czech Republic and has the citizenship of this country.

But Ferencvaros still took possession of the territorial and game advantage. Due to team movement and good ball movement, the Hungarian champions created chances. Cherchesov, apparently, sought to avoid unnecessary risk: his team quickly deployed their offensive from flank to flank, avoiding combinations in the center – any interception could lead to a dangerous counterattack. At the Slovak penalty area, Frodi responded with their own. Norwegian Kristoffer Zakariassen won the air and hit the crossbar. Then Slovan’s goalkeeper Adrian Khovan made a beautiful save – he pulled out the ball from the “nine”, thrown by the most creative player of Ferencváros, Tokmak Nguyen.

“I have always respected Russia.” The ex-coach of “Saturn” will kill Cherchesov in the Champions League

By the break, the hosts were superior to the guests in terms of ball possession statistics (66% vs. 34%) and shots – 5:4 (on target – 2:2). Only the endings were missing for the Hungarians. Arose during the first half and a skirmish on the field. It began due to the fact that the Armenian midfielder of Slovan Tigran Barseghyan was thrown by the fans with plastic glasses with drinks. He delayed the pitch – the Ferencváros players were indignant.

After the break, Cherchesov’s team continued to put pressure on Slovan’s defense, but towards the end of the hour of the match, the pace dropped. This suited the Slovaks quite well. Ferencváros lost chances, and attempts to outwit the Spanish referee Ricardo De Burgos Bengoechea and earn a penalty did not bring success.

In this difficult period, it was very important for Ferencváros not to miss a counterattack against the background of fatigue. Cherchesov’s team coped with this task, but in the 70th minute they still scored. Centrhav Aissa Laiduni opened between the lines and made a pass to Nguyen, who ran behind the backs of the defenders. The dark-skinned Norwegian shot at his compatriot Zakariassen, and he scored with a touch. Cool combination!

Ferencvaros - Slovan - 1:2

Ferencvaros – Slovan – 1:2


After that, the hosts began to play to keep the score 1-0, but did not keep the minimum victory. After 11 minutes, the guests bounced back after an optional foul by substitute Stipe Loncar and a free kick. The defenders of Ferencvaros lost the first touch, and noticeably “hooked” Eldar Chivich missed the Georgian center back Guram Kashiya.

Slovan’s bench is generally stronger than that of Ferencváros. This also affected the result. Perhaps Cherchesov made a mistake by not removing Chivic from the game, and after another five minutes the left-back of the hosts acted as a spectator when Barseghyan scored the second goal of the guests. Weiss outwitted Cherchesov. Built the game so that his team had more energy for the last quarter of an hour.

Russian coach wins big in Europe!  Cherchesov lit in the Champions League
Russian coach wins big in Europe! Cherchesov lit in the Champions League

In stoppage time, “Frodi” organized an assault on the gates of “Slovan”. The Slovaks, in a panic, almost scored in their own – the post saved. Here Cherchesov was not lucky. In the second half, Ferencváros landed twice as many shots (6:3), but lost on hits on target (1:2). The Slovaks perfectly realized their chances, and now the Russian coach is one step away from relegation from the Champions League.

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