Ferrari driver Leclair blames piloting error for French Grand Prix crash

© Scuderia Ferrari websiteCharles Leclerc

MOSCOW, 24 July – Monegasque Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari team said that a piloting error was the cause of the accident in which he had a race in the 12th stage of Formula 1 – the French Grand Prix.
Starting from first position and leading in the race, Leclerc lost control in one of the corners on lap 18 and flew into the chippers.
“This is my mistake. I said that I am now at the peak of my career, but if I continue to make such mistakes, then all this is meaningless. I lose too many points. Seven in Imola, 25 points here. Today we had “the fastest car. If at the end of the season we lose the championship by 32 points, then I will know where this difference came from. This is unacceptable. It needs to stop,” Leclerc told Sky Sport.
Verstappen won his seventh win of the season on Sunday with 233 points. Leclerc has 170 points left.


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