FIFA President wants to discuss the introduction of a salary ceiling in football

Posted By: | Posted On: May 05, 2021 | Posted In: Football, News

The President of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino has proposed considering the introduction of a salary cap.

The head of FIFA made this and other proposals due to the unstable economic situation in the clubs against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let’s seriously discuss the introduction of a salary cap, transfer fees or commissions paid to agents. It’s time to revise the rules for financial fair play and find more effective formulas for it. Let’s also discuss the limitation of the number of players in a team, as well as the obligation to have a certain number of students.” quoted by Infantino RMC Sport with reference to L’Equipe.

“At the national level, for example, fewer teams and playoffs can make the competition more fun,” said the head of FIFA.

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