Already this weekend, April 23, a fight will take place between the WBC world champion Tyson Fury and the official contender for the belt Dillian Whyte. Many people know what the Gypsy King went through to eventually become great and gain worldwide recognition. As for his counterpart, he is far from the scale of Fury’s personality, but he also had a difficult path.

Dillian White was born during a hurricane in the Jamaican city of Port Antonio. His mother left him and went to England to work when he was only two years old. His father also did not have a strong attachment to his son and somehow threw him into the water 200 meters from the shore. So he wanted to teach him how to swim. Reminds no one?

Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte

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“My father was a farmer and a butcher. He sold livestock. Once, when he returned, I was on the verge of death. My dad went to their house and beat someone up. Obviously, he was not the best father. He comes from a tough Irish family and he raised me the same way he raised himself. My father thought that if I didn’t die, then everything was fine with me. It was just a circle of ignorance,” White said of his father.

As a result, Dillian grew up in a strange family. But she was so poor that White didn’t go to school. He was not cared for in any way, so he had to collect bottles to survive. With the proceeds, he bought sweets for himself, because they were sold the cheapest. Dillian admitted that at times he was so hungry that it seemed that death was inevitable.

When the boy was 12 years old, his mother moved him to England, very remorseful for leaving him. But the son turned out to be an unforgiving fellow and easily forgave her, because he understood that she had gone to another country to feed her family. Together with his mother, White lived in the poor London district of Brixton, which is famous for its criminal flavor.

Since Dillian did not go to school, he found himself in a street gang. Street showdowns ended with three knife and three gunshot wounds. He was first wounded at the age of 13. White even showed his peers the wound marks because he thought it was cool.

“I got kicked out many times. I was shot at and a knife was stabbed into my leg. These things happen in London. It’s just part of being in a gang. If not for boxing, I would probably be dead or in prison, ”said Dillian about that period of life.

In the same 13 years, White first became a father. But at that time there was no talk of responsibility.

“I was a kid, but I really grew up because of everything that was going on. It was still scary. As I got older it gave me more motivation so I had to work harder. I didn’t want the child to suffer like me. Now we are close. He is like a friend to me, ”White shared his teenage experiences.

Dillian Whyte

Dillian Whyte

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Dillian also admitted that he had to duck on the bus when he traveled through certain areas so as not to be noticed by hostile gangs. So he was shot twice in the leg for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To prevent his mother from finding out about this, White himself took out the bullet with pliers and sterilized the wound.

Then Dillian ended up in jail. He faced 20 years in prison. The mother who visited him cried and said that she did not want to lose another son after the death of his older brother. Even though White was a bad boy, he never liked to disappoint his mom. That visit soon changed his outlook on life.

So Dillian ended up at Miguel’s Gym, where he initially practiced kickboxing. There White became the champion of Great Britain and Europe. But from there he quickly left and stayed in MMA for one fight. Then Dillian made a bet on boxing, where he succeeded the most and finally got to the coveted title fight.

Dillian Whyte with a world championship belt

Dillian Whyte with a world championship belt

Photo: Dan Istitene/Getty Images

He has been behind Fury, Joshua, Wilder for a long time. He was given big fights on a residual basis, and not because he deserved it. Therefore, White fought for a long time for second-rate intercontinental belts in order to remain in the public eye of promoters and heads of boxing federations. And Dillian waited for this chance.

This is probably his last chance to fight for the world championship belt. And he will also earn the biggest fee of his entire career – £ 8.2 million. He is already 34 years old, and Eddie Hearn is unlikely to mess around with the Villain for a long time when there is a younger and more publicized Anthony Joshua. Therefore, after everything that he went through, the motivation to take the belt from the Gypsy King will go through the roof. Even at 34.

Despite constant challenges as a child, White has no regrets about what he faced.

“It taught me a lot: I learned to survive, I learned to be tough and resilient. I never thought I’d be here talking about a heavyweight championship fight.”

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