Alexandra Trusova does not get tired of pleasantly surprising after the Olympic Games in Beijing. From a girl obsessed with jumping and dogs, she turned into a versatile person, open to any experiments. Sasha became interested in pair skating, took up strip dancing, was not afraid to reveal her relationship with Mark Kondratyuk and made a successful debut in athletics.

The figure skater revealed a completely different side and finally began to live a full life. Jumping and doggies are still with her. But besides them, she has plenty of other reasons for happiness.

Trusova’s two passions: jumping and dogs

Previously, Trusova was a girl who was determined by only two passions: jumping and dogs. Sometimes it seemed that she needed nothing more to be happy. Well, victory at the starts is a matter of course, like all athletes. And the rest of her life was built around learning to jump and getting another tailed pet for them. I learned a great snipe – the Chihuahua Tina appeared, I learned the trixel – the dwarf poodle Lana appeared. As a result, the number of her four-legged friends grew to five: just like the number of quads in a free program.

Symbolic? Still would! The figure skater even wanted to imprint the name of each dog on the competition dress, so that they would accompany her during the skates and give her strength.

Trusova with a dog

Trusova with a dog

Photo: From the personal archive of Alexandra Trusova

Someone called it a fad, someone was touched. It’s such a charm, as Tatyana Tarasova will say, that a 17-year-old girl is so devoted to her pets. But there were too many dogs. And the point is not in quantity, but in the fact that Sasha filled all her thoughts with them. Them and jumps. At least that’s what it looked like from the outside. Suffice it to recall how she missed the dog at the World Championships in Stockholm. Parents had to show her their pets via video link to help her tune in for the performance.

“After the unsuccessful short program, everyone called and supported. Neither mother nor dog was here. It was more difficult, but in a day and a half parents called, showed dogs, a cat, everyone. They helped me tune in, ”Trusova RT admitted then.

Dogs were the only weakness of the Russian rocket. The only thing she diluted sports everyday life with. She considered her personal life as a hindrance while she was in sports. She planned to ride until the age of 22, and then quickly build a family, not forgetting about the dogs.

“I’m going to ride until 22. We’ll see, but my thoughts were like that. Then three children, two girls and a boy, as I want. And, of course, I will have a lot of dogs, ”Trusova shared her plans in an interview with Sport Express.

“When is the wedding?” Alexandra Trusova confirmed the romance with the star figure skater

New Trusova: pair skating, strip plastic and relationship with Kondratyuk

A girl who loves jumping and dogs has changed dramatically after the Beijing Olympics. The transformation began even before returning to Russia. At the rehearsal of the gala show, she suddenly showed interest in pair skating. I wanted to try an area in which no one could imagine it. Queen of quads in a pair? Incredible!

This interest remained with her after her arrival home. In Khrustalny, Sasha entrusted Vladimir Morozov to raise herself in support, and later she prepared a joint number with the Angels Plushenko coach Dmitry Mikhailov. Of course, there is almost no traditional pair skating, but Dmitry circles it on his hands, and Sasha radiates so much femininity that the program is breathtaking without any quadruple jumps.

In her free time, the skater took up dancing. And she chose strip plastic – the direction in which you need to show emotions and show sexuality. The video, in which Sasha dances on the floor in huge stilettos, made a splash on social networks and delighted her many fans. And probably added a solid portion of new ones. Everyone understood that she had finally grown up. The girl who defeated gravity finally turned into a girl.

What is a frame up strip, which Alexandra Trusova took up
What is a frame up strip, which Alexandra Trusova took up

The appearance of Sasha’s boyfriend is already a natural development of events. The role of the chosen one of the Russian rocket fell to another single skater – Mark Kondratyuk. And she wanted to share this happiness with the whole world by advertising romantic relationships in social networks.

Is it really the same athlete who was embarrassed by the questions of journalists?

“What’s gotten into her head?” Figure skater Trusova will try herself in a new sport

The new Trusova was born thanks to the drama at the Olympics

It’s amazing how rich Sasha’s life has become. She readily goes to experiments and constantly discovers something new. I even decided to try myself in another sport – athletics. She made her debut at the official long jump tournament. And she did it so brilliantly that she immediately jumped to the second youth category. We can assume that Sasha has officially become an athlete as well.

What is the reason for such changes? This is the case when there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. After losing the Beijing Olympics, Sasha experienced tremendous stress. Her old world – a world in which five quads bring victory – literally collapsed. This painful experience deeply hurt the girl. But at the same time, it encouraged change. Sasha realized that figure skating is not her whole life, but only a part, albeit a very significant one. Outside the rink is a whole universe of endless possibilities, and giving them up is not the wisest decision.

Results at the starts will not suffer if you allow yourself to try new things and do not limit your field of vision to training and four-legged friends. On the contrary, the freedom to be happy right now, and not just on the podium with gold, will have a positive effect on skating. With the fall of inner fetters and barriers, bodily clamps are also destroyed. And a loved one is not a hindrance to sports, but a source of strength, which she previously drew from her family and dogs.

This new Sasha is incredibly inspiring and makes you want to cheer for her even more. She radiates happiness, and this happiness is more valuable than Olympic gold.

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