© / Artur Lebedev / Go to photo bankFigure skater Evgenia Medvedeva performs in the ice show “Champions”

Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva performs in the ice show Champions - 1920, 07/26/2022


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MOSCOW, 26 Jul – Olympic silver medalist, two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva admitted that she is worried if she is not answered in private messages for several hours.
“It’s quite difficult for me to perceive rumors and speculation. It’s difficult for me to share my life with people in detail. I was brought up in such a way that my life is what I hold in my hands and don’t give it to anyone. you’re in a relationship with someone – it’s not immoral, it’s a normal business tool. It’s fun, it’s not always fake, because it’s a big community: very beautiful girls, very nice boys. Why can’t they start dating? Love exists “, it is not clear why many do not believe in it. Of course, I believe in love. I’m a girl,” Medvedeva said in an interview with Forbes, published on the YouTube channel of the publication.
“Am I ashamed of something? No, probably. But in fact, I am ashamed of a lot of things. In everyday everyday situations, I am a wildly insecure person. It always seems to me that I said something wrong, that I ruined everything I constantly reflect, especially with people who are dear to me, when they ignore me in messages for a couple of hours, I get wildly driven, “said the 22-year-old figure skater.
Medvedeva said that she was working on a big project, but did not share the details.
“What activities do I plan to develop myself in? I can’t say that I’m on the chill, there’s a lot of work. There are plans. There is a big idea. I’ve been working on it for many years, but I’m not ready to voice it yet,” she added she is.


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