Fiorentina is unhappy with the words of agent Kokorin about the unwillingness of the Russian to leave the club

The leadership of Fiorentina is disappointed with the interview of the team’s forward agent Alexander Kokorin, according to Football Italia. According to the source, the club got acquainted with the interview and was dissatisfied with the fact that the representative of the striker stated that the player did not want to leave the club.

Earlier, Timofey Berdyshev, a football agent representing the interests of Kokorin, said that his client was not discussing breaking the contract with the Violets. Berdyshev also said that the Russian intends to continue to play for the team. At the same time, a representative of Kokorin admitted that Russian clubs are interested in his client.

Recall that Kokorin has been playing for Fiorentina since January 2021. The contract of the Russian with the Italian club is calculated until June 2024.

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