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Barça conceived a scandalous transfer. So the president of Real Madrid has not yet been bullied

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Mikhail Rozhdestvensky

Asensio could move from Real Madrid to Barcelona

Not the fact that Asensio needs Xavi, but for Perez such a transition will definitely be a blow.

There have been no direct transfers between Real Madrid and Barcelona for 15 years. The latest footballer to follow such a risky path is Javier Saviola. The Argentine did not shine in either team and moved to the status of a free agent, so his story was forgotten. And next summer, the counter may be reset. And this time without a scandal can not do.

Perfect job.  Real Madrid get rid of leaders like Casemiro and Ramos at the right time
Perfect job. Real Madrid get rid of leaders like Casemiro and Ramos at the right time

In Real Madrid, the conflict is between the player and the president. Everyone suffers

The “culprit” of this story is Marco Asensio. The midfielder arrived in Madrid in 2015 and quickly became a fan favorite. He amazed everyone with his long-range shots and seemed like a potential Ballon d’Or contender, but injuries intervened. The gap of the “crosses” knocked out Asensio for almost the entire 2019/2020 season, and subsequently the footballer regularly dropped out of the squad due to less serious injuries. At the same time, Marco remained productive: last season he scored 10 goals in the Example (none from the penalty spot).

Marco Asensio

Marco Asensio

Photo: Angel Martinez/Getty Images

Summer was approaching, and, as expected, the question arose of renewing the contract, because Asensio’s current agreement expires in 2023. “Real” made the player an offer, but it turned out that the salary of € 5 million a year “clean” does not correspond to his ambitions at all. Marco refused, which obviously surprised club president Florentino Perez. He just wasn’t used to hearing the word “no.”

Further events developed rapidly. According to El Confidencial, Pérez conveyed Carlo Ancelotti’s demand that Asensio either play little or not play at all. And this could be called a yellow rumor, if not for one thing – Marco really practically does not appear on the field. Compare for yourself: last season, Asensio, despite injuries, ran 31 matches in the Example, this time – 11 minutes, coming on as a substitute in two games. And yes, Marco is absolutely healthy.

By the way, despite the obvious infringement, Asensio manages to score. On account of his one goal in two matches of the Champions League, where he played a total of just 36 minutes. Meanwhile, Ancelotti at press conferences not only does not criticize Marco, but even sympathizes with him. One week ago, Asensio sat on the bench for the entire match against Mallorca and flared up when he realized that he would no longer appear on the field. He defiantly threw down his shirt-front and kicked the bottle of water.

Carlo Anchelotti

Carlo Anchelotti

Real Madrid head coach

“I understand Asensio’s anger, I agree with it and take note.”

The situation is toxic and definitely not good for anyone. Asensio is dissatisfied with his position, and Ancelotti is forced to act in the interests of the club.

Perez can get a second hit. Tricky move by Barça

And then Barcelona came into play. According to Mundo Deportivo, the club are interested in Asensio and are seriously considering taking him away for free next summer. The fact that Marco changed his agent, and now Jorge Mendes is in charge of his affairs, can contribute to the deal. And the Portuguese has an excellent relationship with the management of Barça.

Just imagine the face of Perez: in one year, the refusal of his own football player and the transition to his main competitor can fit. So over Florentino, who, as it seemed, had seen everything in football, had not yet been mocked. If Asensio really wears the blue garnet uniform, then the broadcast of Barça matches could be banned in all places within a radius of a kilometer from the house of the president of Real Madrid and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.

For Barça, a deal with Asensio would be a tricky move: this is both a blow (including an image one) to a principal rival, and strengthening their squad. True, it is still difficult to understand whether Marco is needed by the head coach of the Catalans. Although if the club takes such a scandalous step, Xavi’s opinion may fade into the background – after all, this is more of a political step.

Florentino Perez

Florentino Perez

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

And the recent youth Asensio, meanwhile, is already 26 years old. At this age, you need to play regularly, and while everything is rapidly moving towards the fact that Marco will not be doing this at Real Madrid. Is it still at Barça?

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