Timo Werner leaves Chelsea. After two inglorious years in London, the club fuses the striker back to RB Leipzig, writes Fabrizio Romano. According to the main insider of Europe, we are not talking about rent, but about a full-fledged transfer. It’s time to take stock of the English period of the German career. A period from which much was expected, but nothing was expected.

Chelsea are just terrible.  But the Premier League starts tomorrow
Chelsea are just terrible. But the Premier League starts tomorrow

Chelsea snatched Werner from Liverpool. Timo was taken as a ready-made top scorer

First, let’s remember how Werner moved to Chelsea. In the spring of 2020, Timo enchanted in Germany and, as expected, became the target of top clubs. Everyone needed a striker who scored 78 goals in four Bundesliga seasons, but a favorite emerged quickly. Liverpool were in active contact with Leipzig, Werner did not hide his sympathy for the English club, and it seemed that the transition was inevitable.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner

Germany striker

Liverpool are the best team in the world right now. And if you hear that this club is interested in you and you are associated with it, this is definitely a reason to be proud.

And then the situation changed dramatically. Liverpool delayed the transfer process and doubted the need for serious spending on a player who was doomed at first to enter the field only as a substitute (Mane – Firmino – Salah could not be moved).

That’s when Chelsea showed up. Frank Lampard convinced Werner that success could be achieved not only under the leadership of Jurgen Klopp, and the club promptly agreed with Leipzig for a € 53 million transfer.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner

Photo: Darren Walsh/Getty Images

Werner immediately stated that he and Chelsea had a “very successful future”, and director Marina Granovskaya described the club’s transfer victory best of all:

“We are very pleased that Werner made a choice in favor of Chelsea. This is a player that clubs all over Europe have wanted to see at home, and this is not surprising. Timo combines youth and perspective with experience and recognition, which is rare.

Then no one would have argued with the words of Granovskaya: it seemed that Chelsea had pulled off a super deal.

In England, Werner degraded with every season. It has doubled in price.

Timo reached its peak value in March 2020 – € 80 million. By the end of the season, the price fell slightly, but was still very solid – € 64 million. And what now? At 26, when a footballer should be in top physical condition, Timo is worth €35m.

Messi terribly collapsed!  Which of the players fell the most
Messi terribly collapsed! Which of the players fell the most

Werner’s statistic is also going downhill. In the 2019/2020 season, Timo was confident and scored 28 goals in 34 Bundesliga matches, adding eight assists. But what happened in two campaigns in the composition of Chelsea.

  • Season 2020/2021: 6+8 goals+ass in 35 Premier League matches. Let’s say it’s not completely terrible for a debut, although Werner lost all confidence and caught the “Torres syndrome” – he wasted moments and incredibly missed the goal.
  • Season 2021/2022: 4+1 in 21 Premier League games. Added health problems: Werner missed a month due to a muscle injury and three weeks due to the coronavirus.

The thesis about the degradation of Werner is also confirmed by advanced statistics. Timo hits less and less every season: before leaving Leipzig, there were 165 hits in 49 matches, after the transfer to Chelsea – 132 to 65, in the last campaign – 102 to 48. The number of key passes is also steadily falling: 86, 54, 38.

We also said about confidence for a reason – in Germany, Werner scored more than he created. With xG 26.59 in the 2019/2020 season, Timo shot 35 goals. At Chelsea, there were about the same number of expected goals (24.66 and 20.19), but the converted chances turned out to be an order of magnitude smaller.

In May of this year, Werner admitted that he did not consider the move to Chelsea a mistake. It would be naive to expect the player to say otherwise, but given the background and the upcoming return to Leipzig, these words look like a good mine in a bad game.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner

Chelsea striker

Liverpool was on my mind, but in the end I chose Chelsea and won the Champions League last season. Not the worst solution.”

Two months after this announcement, Bild reported that Werner was ready to take a two-fold pay cut in order to return to Leipzig. Judging by the fact that Timo’s transfer is written as a fait accompli, the player’s salary will indeed be significantly reduced. In fact, in two years, Werner has become a burden for Chelsea. Under the current contract, he receives € 16.6 million per year (€ 319 thousand per week).

Statistics and public opinion are much more eloquent than Werner’s words. For example, the Daily Mail listed Timo as one of the ten worst transfers in Chelsea history. Romelu Lukaku, Alvaro Morata and Kepa Arrizabalaga were not allowed to the top of this list – they simply paid more for them. But in the disastrous “expectation-reality” ratio, Werner is clearly not inferior to them.

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