Tarasenko’s goal and Toropchenko’s pass helped St. Louis defeat Minnesota and win the series

“Minnesota Wild”, led by Kirill Kaprizov, failed the sixth game of the series against the “St. Louis Blues” and ended his performance in the playoffs of the National Hockey League. The next opponent of the Blues will be the formidable Colorado Avalanche, who made it to the second round of the Stanley Cup before anyone else.
Series with “St. Louis” has clearly shown how “Minnesota” depends on the actions of one player. What exactly – there is no need to specify. If Kirill Kaprizov does not succeed, then the entire composition of the “Wild” almost completely fails the match. But sometimes even the help of Russian super-efficient talent is not enough. So it was, for example, in the fifth match of the confrontation, when Kaprizov scored a double, but his team still lost and, having failed to neutralize the magnificent Vladimir Tarasenko, was on the verge of being eliminated from the NHL playoffs.
“The goal is not for the player to play well, but for the team to play well. And we didn’t win. Ultimately, that’s what we play for. court in the seventh game. This is what we must do, “said Kaprizov on the eve of the sixth meeting.
However, to change the state of affairs, “Minnesota” failed. On the contrary, the “Wild” disgustingly played the main game of the year and went on vacation. In the first 20 minutes, the “savages” outperformed the more experienced opponent in shots, but not in the game. “St. Louis” looked more confident and coherent. “Wild”, on the contrary, acted too disassembled. Like, for example, in the episode with Nick Leddy’s goal. Defender “Blues” almost walked out of his own zone into someone else’s and, not noticing any resistance, threw on goal, and Cam Talbot showed the difference in level with Marc-Andre Fleury.
In the next 20 minutes, the “savages” showed absolutely the worst period in the series. Failed it and Kirill Kaprizov, who, along with Mats Zukkarello and returned to the composition of Dmitry Kulikov, received “-2” in the column with the indicator of usefulness. It was from Kaprizov’s mistake, for example, that Tyler Bozak’s goal came. Aleksey Toropchenko easily screwed up the Minnesota defenders and, having lost the puck, involuntarily gave it to Bozak, who “flashed” Talbot. For Toropchenko, such a peculiar assist was the first point scored in his career in the NHL playoffs.
For the “Wild”, Bozak’s washer was the third missed – not long after that Ryan O’Reilly scored a goal. Point in the match at the close of the second period was set by Vladimir Tarasenko.
The Russian tank, with his trademark tight angle shot, converted the majority and came close to Al McInnis (58) in playoff points in St. Louis history. Now Tarasenko has 57 (40 goals + 17 assists) points. In total, Vlady sent five goals to the Minnesota gate in the course of a series of six matches.
In the final period, the Wild tried to create a semblance of a comeback and filled up Jordan Binnington with a hail of shots, but only one of them reached the goal. Matt Damba from John Merrill’s and Dmitry Kulikov’s passes did a great long-range one-timer. The goal was Damba’s first in the current playoff run and Minnesota’s last of the season. At the end of the match, the “savages” missed from Colton Pareiko into an empty net, this ended their torment.
“Wild”, along with Kirill Kaprizov, can only be thanked for a bright season and an interesting series with “St. Louis”. Now the “bluesmen” are waiting for no less (or even more) exciting confrontation with the “Colorado Avalanche”. The Avalanches swept the Nashville Predators 4-0 in the first round and spent three days waiting for their next opponent. We waited. For “Minnesota”, perhaps even better to say goodbye to the season now, because in such an unbalanced state they would certainly have suffered the fate of “predators”. The sooner the club under the leadership of Bill Guerin will be able to deal with personnel problems and resolve issues on contracts. And there have been plenty of those.



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