Messi recognized as the highest paid athlete in the world according to Forbes, Ronaldo in the top 3

MOSCOW, May 12 – The football player of Paris Saint-Germain and the Argentine national team Lionel Messi tops the list of the highest paid athletes in the world according to Forbes, according to the official website of the publication.
Between May 1, 2021 and May 1, 2022, the striker earned $130 million, of which $75 million came from his salary and $55 million from sponsorship and advertising contracts. Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James ($121.2 million) and Manchester United Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo ($115 million) are also in the top three.
The top 10 also includes:
4. Neymar (football, Brazil) – 95 million;
5. Stephen Curry (basketball, USA) – 92.8 million;
6. Kevin Durant (basketball, USA) – 92.1 million;
7. Roger Federer (tennis, Switzerland) – 90.7 million;
8. Saul Alvarez (boxing, Mexico) – 90 million;
9. Tom Brady (American football, USA) – 83.9 million;
10. Giannis Antetokounbo (basketball, Greece) – 80.9 million
In total, according to Forbes, the ten highest paid athletes in the world have earned $992 million over the past 12 months.



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