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Former Australia spinner Brad Hogg urges to save T20 World Cup

Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg believes his country should make every effort to hold the T20 World Cup in a pre-determined schedule this year.

Brad Hogg
Brad Hogg

Even if it requires teams to be chartered a month in advance and all participants Players have to undergo the COVID-19 test.

The COVID-19 epidemic has killed more than one lakh 20 thousand people worldwide and has been declared a lockdown in many countries.

The T20 World Cup has also been clouded by this deadly disease. Which is to be held in Australia from 18 October to 15 November.

Hogg said that he was against the idea of ​​postponing or canceling the tournament and that the organizers would have to take some necessary steps in time for the smooth conduct of the tournament.
“Such things are happening that the T20 World Cup in Australia can be canceled or its timing can be changed,”

Hogg said in a video posted on his Twitter handle. “I don’t like it… but there are some problems that need to be resolved. “

He said,” A lot of players are going through a lockdown. He is not able to get out and is not able to train and prepare for tournaments like T20 World Cup. So we have to bring them here a month and a half ago. “

Hogg suggested that every player should be tested before taking a chartered flight to enter Australia. He said, “Commercial flights are not available, so we have to resort to chartered flights… All players must be tested before boarding a chartered flight.”

“He will have to go through a two-week lockdown after arriving in Australia,” Hogg said. They will be tested again after the two-week stand-off time is over and they will be free to go out, prepare and train if they are successful in the test.

He said, “Creating social distance will not be a problem in cricket because most of the time the players are more than one and a half meters away from each other. The only problem may be in slip, but a rule can be made that slip will have a distance of at least two meters between two players. “

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