Former world No. 1 Andy Murray urges tennis to start early

© TwitterBritish tennis player Andy Murray

MOSCOW, 15 Sep – Former world number one Briton Andy Murray urged tennis matches to start earlier, noting that it would be better for fans and court workers.
On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Andy Murray and Joe Salisbury lost in the doubles match of the first round of the group stage of the Davis Cup Final to Rajiv Ram and Jack Sock from the USA with a score of 7:5, 4:6, 5:7. Tennis players spent 2 hours and 49 minutes on the court and finished the game at 00:58 local time.
“I think it would be better for everyone involved if the matches started earlier. I don’t think it’s ideal for both the players and the fans. At the end of the match, only half of the people who were at the game from the beginning remained. It’s a little disappointing, because they missed a great game. It’s probably not because they didn’t want to stay. If you have kids here, you can’t stay with them. You need to take them home. For ball-fights, this is also inappropriate,” Murray is quoted as saying Sportskeeda.
The British tennis player also noted that the problem with the late start of matches exists not only at the Davis Cup. In the quarterfinals of the past US Open, the future winner of the tournament Spaniard Carlos Alcaras played in the 1/4 finals match with Italian Yannick Sinner. The match lasted 5 hours and 14 minutes and ended at 02:50 local time.
“Obviously it’s not just here. We saw it at the US Open last week. It’s something to think about. I don’t think it’s professional,” Murray said.
Murray is 35 years old, he is on the 43rd line of the world ranking. He has 46 ATP titles to his credit, including two victories at Wimbledon and one at the US Open. Murray also won Olympic gold twice.


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