In Canada, Red Bull won a sixth win in a row – a series we have not seen since the end of 2020, when Mercedes won seven races in a row, and this is in a sense symbolic: the Austrians took over from the Germans the baton of dominance in Formula 1. True, unlike the victories of Mercedes, the advantage of Milton Keynes is based not so much on technical advantage, but on sports superiority.
The results of the ninth stage of the 2022 season are in our traditional review.

There are no methods against steel Verstappen!  Max is even closer to the second championship in a row
There are no methods against steel Verstappen! Max is even closer to the second championship in a row

Ferrari makes life difficult for itself

After two confident victories by Leclerc at the start of the season, Ferrari seemed to be the main contender for the championship this year, but towards the middle of the season the situation changed: after Melbourne, Verstappen scored five victories in six races, never missed a podium and is ahead of Charles by 49 points. It seems that Red Bull are unbeatable and confidently ahead of their rivals, but this is not at all the case.

The problem is that Ferrari gives points to rivals almost every weekend. So, in the last race, a three-second hitch at the pit stop probably cost Leclerc the podium – if not for her, Charles would have left the pits not twelfth, but eighth. It took the rider six laps to pass Riccardo, Zhou, Tsunoda and Stroll. Obviously, in the fight against the middle peasants, the Monegasque wore out the tires a lot – it was their freshness that Leclerc lacked in the fight against the Mercedes. It is not a fact that at the end of the race, Charles would have passed Hamilton and Russell, but even when starting from the last row, the Monegasque could score 12-15 points, and not the resulting ten.

And before that, the Ferrari leader lost at least 18 points in Baku, he gave up about six more due to belated and awkward decisions of strategists in Monaco, and in Barcelona he lost a certain victory due to a technical failure. Thus, for the last four races, Charles, together with his team, threw away the very 50 points that are now inferior to Verstappen. So there is no fight in the championship yet, not because Red Bull is faster – it’s just that Scuderia over and over again complicates its own life.

Cheko’s chances for the title are over

After the victory in Monaco, Perez lost to Verstappen only 15 points and, despite the informal status of the co-pilot, he could still hope to join the fight for the championship. Of course, Helmut Marko would not have refocused the team on Cheko, but in the event of technical problems with Verstappen or his clash with Leclerc, in which Sergio would have got another victory, Sergio’s position in the championship would have turned out to be more profitable in itself.

But in Montreal, technical problems arose not with Max, but with Perez, and now – after the retirement in Montreal and a rather average race in Baku – the Mexican is three times more inferior to his partner – 46 points. By the start of the tenth stage of the season, Sergio’s chances exist solely within the framework of probability theory, but in fact he is finally stuck in the rank of second number and shell carrier for the leader.

And for Ferrari, this is also bad news. If earlier in Maranello they could hope that Perez, feeling confident in his abilities, could try to go against orders from the boxes and bring some chaos into the actions of Red Bull, now Cheko has no choice but to help Max and fight with the team for the constructors’ championship.

Get behind the Formula 1 drivers.  They deserve a salary of at least $100 million a year!
Get behind the Formula 1 drivers. They deserve a salary of at least $100 million a year!

Tsunoda risks his place in the team

Yuki Tsunoda’s mistake immediately after the pit stop became one of the main episodes of the race and almost cost Verstappen the victory – fortunately for Red Bull, Sainz did not manage to pass Verstappen in the last laps. But for the Japanese himself, this oversight is unlikely to pass without consequences.



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On the eve of the weekend in Montreal, Franz Tost confirmed that Pierre Gasly will remain at Alpha Tauri next season, which means that one of the newcomers can be paired with the experienced Frenchman Helmut Marko – fortunately they are in Formula 2 four riders at once from the Red Bull youth program.

Yes, none of them have yet managed to really shine, but Tsunoda, who is racing in F-1 for the second year, also does not work miracles, and worse, continues to make childish mistakes. In the event of Gasly leaving, it would be more logical to leave Tsunoda in order to have some kind of guide for the young debutant, but Pierre remains, and Yuki’s value is not at all obvious yet.

Alonso goes berserk

The Canadian Grand Prix was supposed to be a benefit to Fernando Alonso, who was one of the fastest throughout the weekend, and took second place in qualifying – the team from Enstone had not been so high on the starting grid for a very long time. The weekend ended with only the ninth position and two points scored.

At the same time, Alonso was originally seventh – he dropped two lines after a 5-second penalty for violating the rules while defending, and before that, as the Spaniard admitted after the finish, he lost 0.8 seconds from a circle due to an engine failure – on a direct power the unit went into battery charging mode. However, this is not what will be remembered most of all, but how Fernando argued with the team, demanding the opportunity to get ahead of Okon.



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Almost certainly, such a reaction was caused by the Spaniard’s general dissatisfaction with what is happening at Alpin. We recall that he returned to Formula 1 in the hope that the new regulations would allow him to fight for podiums and victories even as part of an average team. But now Alonso has only 18 points on his account – half as many as after nine races of the 2018 season, after which he went on a break.

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