France will win the 2022 FIFA World Cup, why is that: Mbappe, Giroud, reasons

France has everything for the championship in Qatar. Their game is a delight

Andrey Pankov

Andrey Pankov

France has everything for the championship in Qatar

And Mbappe is not just a genius, but also a boss. Emotions of Andrei Pankov after the victory of the French.

It’s cooler to follow football from the stands – you notice much more details. And the emotions from the game are sharper. So it was at the match between Denmark and France. And this France is the best thing that happened at the World Cup. And from the podium I was lucky to see Brazil, Spain and England.

France lifted the curse of world champions.  This Mbappe will become the king of the tournament!

France lifted the curse of world champions. This Mbappe will become the king of the tournament!

How good is France without Benzema

France did not feel a huge amount of trauma at all. It seems that some of the losses even benefited. For example, the departure of Karim Benzema seemed like a disaster – after all, the best player of last season. But in fact, without him, France turned out to be more balanced.

And Giroud is now doing his most important job without worry – freeing up zones for Mbappe and Dembele. Yes, and Griezmann perfectly unties the hands of partners. And also French colleagues noted that after the departure of Karim it became easier – the players feel more relaxed.

Giroud and Benzema

Giroud and Benzema

Photo: Mihai Barbu/Getty Images

The next moment is the injury of Lucas Hernandez in the match with Australia. The defender is very sorry – he tore his cruciate ligaments. But the injury opened the way for his brother Theo, who is a more attacking full-back. Now the French left is a killer mixture of Hernandez’s runs and Mbappe’s dribbling.

Unreal interaction

In the game with Denmark, it seemed that instead of France, the club team entered the field. So clearly all the players of the team interacted, building triangles on the flanks; Giroud clearly went into the depths, and Mbappe and Dembele were torn apart on the semi-flanks. France dominated Denmark as much as possible in a game with a strong team (semi-finalist of the European Championship): a double advantage in shots 20:10, and 2.58 – 0.77 in xG.

France - Denmark, World Cup 2022 match

France – Denmark, World Cup 2022 match

Photo: Clive Mason/Getty Images

Cool interchangeability of leaders and the genius of Mbappe

The coolness of this team is also that it can be pulled by different people. In the first half, Mbappe was not particularly visible on the field, but how Dembele tore! The Barcelona winger turned three people per attack, broke the rhythm and created almost all the sharpness. Usman has 10 dribbling attempts per match, seven of which were successful, crosses accuracy is 100%, and passing accuracy is 89%. For his position – incredible numbers.

Australia scored against France already in the 9th minute.  And paid dearly for it.

Australia scored against France already in the 9th minute. And paid dearly for it.

Well, in the second half there was a concert of another hero – Mbappe. He did exactly what we are already used to seeing from him: he ran away on a dash in a second, did not fall after a million kicks to the legs and struck six shots on goal (60% of all the strikes of the national team). Even at 0:0, Killian single-handedly came up with a masterpiece – he tried to throw the ball between three defenders with his heel. But it just didn’t work out.

Even from the podium, it was felt that Mbappe is the boss in this team. He turns on the fans and leads on the field: gives clues when to move into pressure, and speaks out for inaccurate passes.

Kylian Mbappe and Didier Deschamps

Kylian Mbappe and Didier Deschamps

Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images

What are the downsides? There are two

First: the gap between the main team (not 11 starters, but 11 starters + three substitutes) and the second squad is too big. If something goes wrong with the main stars, there will be almost no one to drag. Although with Dania Thuram and Koman came out very well.

Second: the inability to control the game after a goal is scored. When the score was 1-0, the French gave the ball back, sat back, and the Danes perked up and could even win if their shots were a little more accurate. In the playoffs, this Deschamps team will not be forgiven. Although today they managed to add pressure.

Didier Deschamps

Didier Deschamps

Photo: Stu Forster/Getty Images

But despite the problems in the last 20 minutes, it was still amazing France. In terms of intelligence, only Spain can compare with this team, but they only played with Costa Rica. The French are already in the playoffs – they have overcome the curse of world champions who do not leave the group at the next tournament. So why not win the trophy for the second time in a row? They have everything for this.

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