Free Fire: 3 best character combinations with Skyler

The Skyler character is very much liked in Free Fire. You can make this character even more powerful. You can add other characters’ strengths to it. In this article, we’ll talk about 3 awesome character combinations for Skyler.

Skyler Characters in Free Fire

Free Fire ®à¥????  Skyler
Skyler in Free Fire

Strength: riptide rhythm

Skyler’s strength is the riptide rhythm. You can burst 5 Blue Walls within 50 meters with its help. HP increases with each glue wall broken. Its cooldown is 60 seconds. This character stays like this on the first level. You can take Skyler from level 2 to level 6. Damages 5 glue walls within 100 meters at level 6. The cooldown is 40 seconds and HP increases to 9 points.

The 3 Most Awesome Character Combinations for Skyler in Free Fire

#1 – Skyler + Jota + Jai + Moco

Free Fire ®à¥????  Jota
Jota in Free Fire

Jota – Sustain Reds

Jai – Ragging Reload

Moco – hackers income

By combining Jota’s power with Skyler, you can get HP per kill using SMGs or Shotguns. Apart from this, Jai’s power will help you during fights. With the help of Moco you will find the enemy’s place.

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#2 – Skyler + Dasha + Kelly + Hayato

Free Fire ®à¥????  Dasha
Dasha in Free Fire

Dasha – partying on

Kelly – dash

Hayato – bushido

With Skyler’s power, you can add Dasha to reduce fall damage or recoil. Apart from this, your movement speed increases with the dash power. Also Hayato’s strength improves armor.

#3 – Skyler + Shirou + Joseph + Luqueta

Free Fire ®à¥????  Shirou
Shirou in Free Fire

Shirou – Damage Delivered

Joseph – nut movement

Luqueta – hat trick

With Skyler you can increase armor penetration on the first shot within 80 meters by adding Shirou. You can increase the speed whenever you are attacked with a nutty movement. You can take advantage of Luqueta’s power by adding Skyler.

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