Home News French prosecutors investigate Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba: football player confesses

French prosecutors investigate Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba: football player confesses


“Turn to God, not to a shaman!” New details of the dirty story of Pogba and Mbappe

Sergei Sorokin

The leader of the French team risks not going to the World Cup in Qatar.

The leader of Juventus and the French national team midfielder Paul Pogba is suffering at the start of the new season. First, he suffered a meniscus injury, due to which he has not yet entered the field. And then the football player was subjected to extortion and threats from an organized gang, which included his brother, Matias. A relative later stated that he was ready to reveal the sensational truth about Paul’s personal life.

Scandal in the Pogba family. The brother extorts a lot of money from the player and promises a leak about Mbappe

Information immediately spread in the French press: Paul Pogba was trying to harm the main star of the French national team, Kylian Mbappe. Sources said that the midfielder put a curse on a partner in the national team. For this, the midfielder even turned to the shaman. The prosecutor’s office became interested in these rumors and launched its own investigation.

Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba

Photo: Adam Pretty/Getty Images

At first, the news seemed strange, but they were suddenly confirmed by the football player himself. Get French Football News reported that during interrogation by the prosecutor’s office, Pogba admitted that he really turned to the shaman. True, Paul insists that he did not even think of sending a curse on Mbappe. He said he was asking for help for a charity that works for the well-being of children in Africa.

Angry comments immediately began to appear on numerous football forums, fans made calls not to hide behind children. Many well-known football players who decided to speak out on this topic were also distrustful. Samir Nasri reacted especially brightly to Pogba’s confession.

Sameer Nasri

former French footballer

“Pogba is contradicting himself. He is a Muslim. If you need to protect yourself from something, turn to a god, not a shaman.”

Trust in the words of Pogba is also not enough because the footballer nevertheless went on the terms of the threatening ones. The police found out that Paul tried to transfer the entire requested amount of € 13 million to the blackmailers, but the bank blocked the transaction. Later, Pogba gave the attackers € 100 thousand, and they continued to threaten him. And after that, the midfielder still turned to the police.

Benzema is in big trouble at Real Madrid. At 35 years old, this kind of news is really disturbing.

France has been in a gaming crisis for a long time. At Euro 2020, the team flew out already in the 1/8 finals! And it was Mbappe who did not score the decisive penalty in the series. In the current draw of the League of Nations, the French have not won in any of the four matches (two draws and two defeats) and are on the relegation from the elite. And before the World Cup, the situation may worsen, as the national team risks losing one of the leaders of the middle line. The denouement of the Pogba family drama is coming very soon – Matthias has already announced a loud statement.



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