© / Guillem Baker / Go to photo bankA tourist photographs the Olympic Rings at the Trocadero in Paris

A tourist photographs the Olympic Rings at the Trocadero in Paris - 1920, 07/26/2022

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) unveiled the slogan for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games on Monday.
The organizing committee of the competition chose the phrase Ouvrons grand les Jeux. In English – Games Wide Open, which can be translated into Russian as “Games open to all.”
“The new slogan clearly reflects Paris 2024’s desire to update the model of the Games in line with the 2020 Olympic agenda by opening them up to as many people as possible. people both on and off the venues, in person and online.This approach will be key to inspiring the next generation, enabling even more people in France and around the world to experience the Olympic spirit and values.This will help to leave a lasting legacy after the Games. 2024,” said IOC chief Thomas Bach.

“Looks like a mockery”

The announcement of the official slogan comes at a time when the status of Russian athletes is in question. After the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, the IOC Executive Committee recommended that sports federations not allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in international competitions. This calls into question the participation of athletes in international qualifying tournaments, which, accordingly, may close their way to the 2024 Games. However, the head of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), Stanislav Pozdnyakov, remains cautiously optimistic.
“Exactly two years later, the Olympic Games will start in Paris. Despite all the circumstances, the Russian Olympic Committee is a full member of the Olympic movement. We continue to systematically prepare for the Games, and we are also working to ensure that our athletes can qualify and have equal access to the Olympic Village and objects, their participation in events during the Games,” the ROC President wrote on the Telegram channel.
Despite this, the situation remains tense, the chances to perform in Paris are dwindling virtually every day with the approach of the qualifying rounds. In this context, the slogan of the 2024 Games looks like a mockery. “It has already been said and discussed that they won’t let us go to the Olympics. This slogan is already going on like a mockery and a slight insanity. The jokes are over. They start to fool around in full. But if they scare you, then you need to answer. I can’t say otherwise,” said the honored coach of Russia in handball Evgeny Trefilov.
Honored coach of the USSR in figure skating Tatyana Tarasova supported her colleague: “Some kind of idiotic slogan. But we don’t care what the slogan is. We don’t participate there. I think there is no chance.”
The Paris Olympics will take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. The Paralympics will be held in the capital of France from August 28 to September 8, 2024.


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