Gangsta style and collaborations with Depay. Is Promes really good at rap?

The leader of the Moscow “Spartak” will be more remembered for numerous effective actions on the football fields, but he has a hobby, which is gradually turning into a profession. Promes has been actively involved in musical activities for several years now, recording joint tracks with Memphis Depay, and also developing a solo career. The correspondent got acquainted with the work of the Dutchman, talked with a critic who appreciated the striker’s talent, and also asked him a few questions.

Collaborations with Depay

It has long been known that the leader of “Spartacus” and the striker of “Barcelona” have friendly relations. But the matter is not limited to close communication and joint vacations around the world. Like Promes, Depay has long been fond of hip-hop and in this respect even surpassed his friend. Memphis has his own YouTube channel, where he uploads his videos – at the moment there are about a dozen, although a year has passed since the release of the latter. Views are impressive: the most popular video – for the track No Love – has over 19 million.
The first clip on the channel was recorded together with Promes. In the summer of 2017, even before leaving for Sevilla, Quincy and a friend were vacationing in Los Angeles and decided to make a track called “LA Vibes”. The video sequence itself is not too remarkable – football players in fashionable clothes and in gold chains staged a freestyle on the evening streets of the city. But the audience appreciated the creativity: the video already in the first hours collected hundreds of thousands of views, and by today almost 3 million people have watched it.
They recently took part in another music video. Together with the SFB team, Promes and Depay performed the composition Tat Tat with a classic video sequence – a private jet, luxury cars, expensive watches, and so on. Almost a week after the release, the video gained more than 120 thousand views.

Independent musical swimming

In subsequent years, Promes recorded a lot of tracks that would be enough for a full-length album. For example, on the popular Spotify resource, there are ten songs on its page. On average, they are listened to more than 35 thousand times a month – not the highest figure, but more than worthy for a non-professional musician.
The most popular track was a collaboration with DJ Wale and Oomto called Ede Koef – almost 2 million streams on Spotify. In 2020, a video also appeared, in which Promes also took part. Throughout the video sequence, the Dutchman poses with the Russian flag, although at that time he had not yet returned to Spartak. The striker even announced the release of the video on social networks specifically for Russian fans: “Russia, I have not forgotten you, come on!”

Song for “Spartacus”

Sooner or later, Promes had to record a track dedicated to the club, which became his home. So, last July, the composition “Everyone Knows Our Name” was born, where the Spartak striker rapped along with ST performer and blogger Egor Ship. Part of the video was filmed on a barge, where the celebrations of the centenary of the club and the long-awaited victory in the Russian Cup took place. The presentation was held with great pomp, and the composition itself collected one and a half million views in a few months.
The idea of ​​cooperation came from Yegor Ship. Promes, having learned that the blogger dreams of performing at a football stadium, invited him to the Otkritie Bank Arena. He, in turn, offered to record a joint track, and a little later ST joined in, which has supported Spartak as a fan for many years.
By the way, this is not the first track about “Spartak” in the career of the Dutchman. Five years ago, he released a joint composition with artist Alex Maniac, a longtime fan of red and white. As stated in the introduction, this is the first joint musical performance of a professional football player with a fan.

Performs in clubs as a DJ

Apparently, the Dutchman intends to settle in Moscow. This is evidenced by the entrepreneurial activity of a football player in the capital. Last May, Promes invested in the opening of a restaurant together with the owners of the Black Star music label, Walter and Pasha. The place is called Black Star Lounge, where you can not only eat, but also play computer games. It is located on Rochdelskaya Street almost in the very center of Moscow and has very high ratings on authoritative resources.
In addition to the fact that the Dutchman started his own business in Moscow, he received a platform for his own performances. On October 28, in honor of the release of the album by Alex Maniac Red-White, with whom Promes recorded a joint track 5 years ago, the football player played a DJ set in the Black Star Lounge. In those days, Spartak just had an extra weekend due to pauses for national team matches, so the striker could afford to relax. True, Ruslan Nigmatullin, who has long been fond of DJing, in a conversation with Sport-Express, noted that Promes does not yet have the skills for professional performances. Although this was only the first experience, and, knowing the persistence of the Dutchman, it can be assumed that in the future he will progress in this matter as well.

“Promes’ music is indistinguishable from the average performers”

To understand how he manages to realize himself in this area, the correspondent turned to music critic and author of the popular Russian Shuffle Telegram channel Oleg Karmunin. He told why rap has become one of the most popular genres, and also gave a fairly high assessment of the work of Promes.

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Quincy Promes - 1920, 11/21/2022

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Quincy Promes
“As for the works of Promes, this is just a classic case. In general, his compositions are indistinguishable from the average ones that can be found in the general stream. It listens well, it is done with high quality. As far as I understand, he has no problems with money. He hired people who packed him everything is beautiful. It seemed that in many ways this is an advertising story, since in all the clips there is a promotion of some brands. Perhaps money is earned on this, sponsorship contracts are worked out. This is a good way, because people watch: and it turns out that he is not only a football player “but also a rapper. It’s always interesting to follow this – like Dmitry Guberniev, who has his own rock band.”
“Athletes rarely build a musical career, if only because there is simply no time for it. Music, like football, must be devoted to all your life. Yes, you can write something down between training and matches, but this is not a professional approach. If after after Promes hangs his boots on a nail, he will want to devote himself to music, then something may work out. full of palaces of culture, but it looked shameful. And look what path Buzova has traveled over the years, how talented her current work looks. It is clear that she does not do it herself, but orders from someone. But you still need to be able to order, know professionals. Therefore, everything is in the hands of Promes.”

“I don’t plan to become a musician after football”

Of course, we must give the floor to Promes himself, who agreed to answer a couple of questions about the second side of his life. It turned out that he does not make plans to receive a Grammy at all, is not sure that he will cope with a musical performance at the Otkritie Bank Arena, and listens only to Surinamese music to get in the mood for matches.

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Quincy Promes - 1920, 11/21/2022

Quincy Promes
How serious is your passion for music? After the end of your career, will you be engaged in musical activities?
Now it’s a hobby that has grown into something more over time. It is clear that football is my main profession, but I take music seriously. Although I do not think that I will deal with it professionally after the end of my football career. Now I periodically release something, it’s cool. I plan to continue in the same way. Still, the most important thing for me is football.
Recently, everyone saw that you are also behind the DJ console. How do you like the experience of speaking in front of people? Would you be ready to play a set or perform a song in the crowded Otkritie Bank Arena?
– It’s very interesting and very different from football. Music is about emotions, mood, enjoyment. Football also gives them, but in a different way. Both of these things give me pleasure. That’s why I do them. Performing a musical program at the Otkritie Bank Arena is already too much. I don’t think I could do it. With such an audience, I’m only ready to play football.
– Which performer do you look up to, who is your idol? Which of the Russian artists have fallen in love with over the years in Spartak?
– Hmm, idol, I need to think … Actually, I listen to any music, there is no such one performer who would inspire me. I try to learn something from everyone. As for Russian artists, I find out when I hear songs, but I don’t remember their names. I would only note the rapper Andro.
– Who is the main connoisseur of music in the current “Spartacus”? Do your tracks often play in the dressing room before or after matches?
– I know that Shamar Nicholson also loves music very much. Yes, it happens that my tracks are heard in the Spartak locker room. Our administrator Sergey, when we are alone, often puts them on. I don’t know where he gets them, but they are very funny. Before matches, I listen exclusively to Surinamese music, no other.


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