Garena Free Fire headshot hack: Real or fake?

Giving headshots can be of great benefit to you while taking fights in Free Fire. You can easily knock or kill the enemy. Players will have to constantly practice to improve their aim and this will improve their gameplay.

However, sometimes players go down the wrong path and try to use hacks to hit headshots. In this article, we are going to talk about these modes of Garena Free Fire.

Free Fire mode and hack will get account banned forever

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Free Fire Official FAQ Website

Garena counts such apps as cheating because this mode is apps and changes are made in the game. Because of this, using not only the mode app for headshots but also all other hacking apps comes in cheating.

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Once a player gets caught in such a trap, then his account is suspended forever. With this your device is also banned from playing Free Fire forever.

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Account gets banned forever

For this reason players should not use auto headshot hacks or mods in any way.

From time to time developers try to reduce cheating in Free Fire. Because of this he had decided to bring a system sometime back. Actually, due to this the account gets banned forever.

Recently a ban notice was issued on 4 June 2021. It said that so far 72.6% of the 1,124,505 accounts have been banned for using Auto-M.

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