Avangard General Manager: We are waiting for Hartley, Kovalchuk is not present, we have reached a compromise with Tolchinsky

MOSCOW, May 13 – The general manager of the Omsk hockey club “Avangard” Alexey Volkov said that he plans to discuss options for cooperation with the former head coach of the team Bob Hartley.
In early April, Hartley announced his resignation from the position of Avangard head coach, which he had held since May 2018. Under the leadership of the Canadian, the Omsk club reached the Gagarin Cup final twice, winning the trophy in the 2020/21 season. In the KHL playoffs last season, Avangard reached the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference, where they lost to Metallurg Magnitogorsk with a score of 3-4 in the series.
“Bob Hartley is now resting. We agreed with him that we would officially invite him to the opening of the arena. And already when he visits, we will discuss possible options for cooperation with him,” Volkov quoted him at a press conference, the official website of Avangard .
“Bob spent four seasons in Russia. As he likes to say, he still has an Avangard tattoo on his heart. As soon as Dmitry Ryabykin was appointed, he was happy with our choice, began to advise Dmitry. I know that they contact on some issues, Dmitry asks for advice, and I think that Bob will participate in the life of our club,” added Alexander Krylov, chairman of the Avangard board of directors, who also took part in the press conference.
In May, striker Sergei Tolchinsky extended his agreement with Avangard for a year.
“We managed to agree on such a compromise solution, since one of the clubs in North America really claimed Sergey. I know that he was offered an agreement, and we, in turn, offered a contract for two years. He took this information to think and came back to us with a proposal that during the season, if our desire to extend it and the possibilities match his contract value, then we will do it before the deadline.I think this is a good deal for us: Sergey is a very qualified player, on whom I think that he fell in love both on and off the ice, leads an active social life and attracts with himself not only as a hockey player, but also for the public, he is also an interesting character, “Volkov said, adding that he does not plan to return to the club of Ilya Kovalchuk.



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