Passions in the case of Shakira and Piqué are heating up. The Barça defender should be more restrained

Mikhail Georgiev

Mikhail Georgiev

Gerard Piqué and Shakira

Gerard runs the risk of being left without the opportunity to see the children if he goes into an open confrontation with the singer.

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique broke up with a former waitress, with whom, according to media reports, he was caught cheating by Shakira. Now the football player is trying to improve relations with the singer in order to find a compromise on the issue of child custody. Shakira wants to take her sons from Barcelona to Miami, but is ready to give Pique the right to see them often. Though on certain conditions, which do not suit the player yet.

According to Marca, Shakira offered to take over all custody of the children and arrange for them to move to the US. Gerard was offered around €2.5 million to cover part of his debts that had arisen earlier due to legal problems in Spain. Journalists report: the singer promised Pique that he would not have to pay any funds for raising children. The Barça defender was asked to see his sons in Miami five times a year, Shakira would have to pay for his first-class flights. In addition to these visits, Gerard would be given the opportunity to spend summer holidays with his children.

Pique rejected Shakira’s proposal, so passions in the case between former lovers are heating up. Gerard takes a principled position, but he better not anger the legendary singer. Otherwise, the conditions of the singer on his dates with children will become an order of magnitude tougher. If the Colombian star gets very angry, then, if desired, he can completely leave Gerard without the opportunity to see Sasha and Milan. She has all the tools to do so.

Gerard Pique is in serious trouble.  Parting with Shakira against their background is a mere trifle
Gerard Pique is in serious trouble. Parting with Shakira against their background is a mere trifle

Pique risks being left with nothing if he goes into open confrontation with Shakira

Piqué wants to see the children more often. Ideally, he wants to get full custody of them. But, if you look at things objectively, what are the chances of this? Shakira has a crystal clear reputation – she is not a traitor in this conflict. The singer is more wealthy (a fortune of $ 300 million versus $ 80 million for Pique), which means she is able to provide children with better conditions for life. She is less busy in her touring activities than Pique on the football field, meaning she can spend more time with them.

Most importantly: Shakira is a mother. Guardianship in the vast majority of cases is given to the mother. Especially when a traitor-father opposes her in court. What arguments can Gerard bring to Shakira’s guardianship? None. Even the best lawyers in the world are unlikely to win this case for him. But here the alignment is in favor of Shakira. She can afford more expensive protectors. Although the Spanish media also coped with discrediting Gerard: they did the main part of the work for them – they discredited Pique’s image.

Gerard Piqué

Gerard Piqué

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After a high-profile breakup with Shakira, Gerard’s personal life is under the microscope. There have been numerous reports that the Barcelona player loves to party and spends a lot of time in clubs. Spanish singer and actress Malena Gracia said the defender always acted “very nice and gentlemanly” when he ran into her. In an interview with La Nueve Espana, she stated: “Of course, nothing happened between us, although he was very nice and acted like a gentleman. At parties, he communicates with everyone, constantly dancing and flirting. Piqué is the king of parties,” Gracia said.

Spanish journalist Jordi Martin, on the air of the Telecinco channel, told the details of Gerard’s breakup with a mysterious young mistress, who is called “C.S” in the media, without disclosing her name. 20-year-old blonde worked as a waitress in one of the bars in Barcelona. She is a close friend of the girlfriend of another Barcelona football player, Ricky Puig, with whom Pique likes to spend time in nightclubs. Obviously, thanks to this circumstance, they met.

Barça will cut the salaries of players by € 160 million!  Who will suffer the most?
Barça will cut the salaries of players by € 160 million! Who will suffer the most?

Martin claims that the Barcelona defender is single right now and is “talking to a lot of girls”. Piqué told him about it personally. The football player conveyed a message to Shakira through his lawyers in order to try to find a common language and agree on the residence of the children. The singer still intends to take the children to Miami.

A compromise move by the Colombian star is to allow Pique a flexible schedule for dating the boys. Seems like a very good offer that Gerard would be better off accepting. Otherwise, you risk being left with nothing.

Initially, Shakira was very upset and was “ready for anything” to destroy the reputation of her former lover. However, according to Marca, the separation of the stars has gradually flowed into a civilized direction and now they are trying to maintain at least the appearance of respect for each other.

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