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Goaltending trades, free agent signings, new NHL goaltenders


Every year, the opening of the NHL free agent market is marked by a large-scale migration of goalkeepers. Disappointed in their tandems, general managers are actively looking for replacements for goalkeepers, overstayed backups are looking for opportunities to become the first number already in the new team.

A very strange choice for Godreau and goalkeepers for Ovechkin. The transfer market has opened up in the NHL

2022 is no exception. Toronto, Edmonton, Washington are just some of the clubs that tried to shuffle their goaltending positions in order to gain stability and find the very first number that could carry the team. In this article, we will highlight the teams whose goaltending lines have undergone changes this offseason.

“Toronto Maple Leafs”

The general manager of the Maple Leaves took drastic measures to solve the goalie problem. Jack Campbell asked for huge money after one season as the first number, and after January his game fell into a sharp decline. Negotiations with the former No. 1 were initially tight due to insufficient space under the Toronto salary cap. Therefore, Campbell eventually had to be released, and Peter Mrazek, who failed the season, was replaced with an additional payment in Chicago. Ilya Samsonov from Washington signed up to replace them for relatively little money.

Ilya Samsonov

Photo: www.nhl.com

The Russian goalkeeper has signed a one-year contract with a modest $1.8 million salary and now he will have to fight for the number one spot with experienced Matt Murray, who came from Ottawa. The trick to signing the Canadian is that the Senators will keep 25% of the goaltender’s salary ($6.25 million). As a result, in Toronto there is not the most impressive, but very inexpensive tandem, in which, perhaps, there will not be a clear division into the first and second numbers.

“Edmonton Oilers”

41-year-old Mike Smith did not have the most depressing playoffs (except for the puck missed after a throw from someone else’s zone), but will not play due to injury this season. His replacement, Mikko Koskinen, went to hockey retirement in Switzerland, which meant that the Oilers urgently needed to look for a new main goalkeeper. It was Campbell, who received a five-year contract in McDavid’s team for the $ 5 million that he was not given in Toronto.

Now Edmonton has an obvious main goalkeeper. His replacement is likely to be 23-year-old Stuart Skinner. Now the American needs to achieve stability in the game, because the expectations for the new season among the fans of the “oil” (taking into account the re-signing of Evander Kane and a few more point reinforcements) are quite high.

“Colorado Avalanche”

Another team that did not have enough money to re-sign their main goalkeeper. It’s hard to say that it was Darcy Kemper who led the Avalanche to the cup, so the club’s general manager, Joe Sakic, reasonably decided not to overpay his first number. Last year, refusing to overpay Grubauer turned out to be the right decision. The Evs were faced with the task of finding a new inexpensive starter, which they successfully coped with, pulling Alexander Georgiev out of Shesterkin’s mighty back.

Alexander Georgiev

Photo: www.nhl.com

In the current realities, being Igor’s backup is like sitting under Vasilevsky, so there was no talk of any bright future in the Rangers camp for Georgiev. Now, the current champion has provided the Russian with the opportunity to revive his career and prove that his place is in the starting lineup. Alexander signed a contract for three years and $ 3.4 million per season, now he has the most difficult task – to defend the gates of the reigning champions, who remain the main favorites of the West.

Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues

The changes in the goaltending lineup of the Wings happened before the opening of the free agent market. However, one cannot fail to note the signing of Ville Husso from St. Louis for three years with a salary of $ 4.75 million. Louis” to extend the contract. This was taken advantage of by Steve Yzerman, who this year is no longer the first player of the Blues.

Detroit Spent $80 Million On Rookies. Legendary Club Begins Resurgence?

Now the Red Wings have formed quite an equal and very powerful Nedelkovich-Husso tandem. We dare to assume that each of them will play at least 35 matches in the upcoming season, since it is very difficult to single out the main one in this pair. Behind them, the 15th pick of the 2021 draft, 19-year-old Sebastian Kossa, is gradually preparing for his debut in the NHL.

Darcy Kemper and Ville Husso

Photo: www.nhl.com

Well, immediately the answer to the question of why we noted St. Louis in tandem with Detroit. It’s simple – the most experienced Thomas Greiss left in the opposite direction, who, although he did not show an outstanding game in the previous season, is capable of playing the role of a reliable second number with 20-25 matches a year. Now Binnington can not worry about a place in the base, and the German at 36 will no longer be forced to play half of the regular season matches.

“Washington Capitals”

“Capital” finally disappointed in the Vanechek-Samsonov tandem. A year ago, Cech was briefly lost in the expansion draft, and now he was finally released, having been traded to New Jersey. The club did not even begin to secure the rights to Samsonov and let him go free swimming, which ended for Ilya in Toronto.

With the task of reorganizing the entire goalkeeping team in Washington, they coped quite confidently, agreeing to the $ 5.25 million required by Kemper for five years. His backup will be the undefeated (won five out of five last season) Charlie Lindgren, who received a three-year contract for $ 1.1 million a year. Kemper’s consistency is questionable, but it’s clear he’s stronger than any of Ovechkin’s previous pair of goalkeepers. Let’s see if the Canadian can help Ovi & Co. for the first time since the championship in 2018 to go beyond the first round of the playoffs.

Ottawa Senators and Minnesota Wild

Let’s finish the hit parade of circulation of goalkeepers in the league with news from the capital of Canada and the team of Kirill Kaprizov. For a long time, there was no certainty about the future of Marc-Andre Fleury from the Wild camp. However, when the 37-year-old Canadian nevertheless extended his contract with the Minnesota (two years for $ 3.5 million), goalkeeper Cam Talbot and his representatives freaked out and openly hacked to death with the savages general manager Bill Guerin.

Cam Talbot with Team Canada

Photo: Anna Sergeeva/Getty Images

Talbot, after an unsuccessful MAF game in the playoffs, was clearly waiting for the star veteran to leave and return to his first number status, but his plans were violated. A quite logical request for a trade followed, which Wild management granted. Cam was traded to Ottawa for a young Filip Gustavsson, who was a substitute for the Senz and will continue to be in his new position. The Senators found a cheaper replacement for Matt Murray. Talbot not only had a better season last season, but also receives less – only $ 3.67 million a year.

The team from the capital of Canada surprises in the offseason. The impetus for change – the death of the owner?


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