Goryachkina advanced to the semi-finals of the Candidates Tournament

Chess player Goryachkina defeated Kosteniuk and advanced to the semifinals of the Candidates Tournament

MOSCOW, 3 Dec – Russian chess player Alexandra Goryachkina beat her compatriot Alexandra Kosteniuk and advanced to the semifinals of the Candidates Tournament.
In the fourth game of the quarterfinals of the FIDE Candidates Tournament in Group B, the Russians tied, Goryachkina won the confrontation with a score of 2.5:1.5.
Goryachkina’s opponent will be determined by the results of the match between Chinese Tan Zhongyi and Russian Ekaterina Lahno. After four games, the score in the match is 2:2, the chess players will determine the semi-finalist of group B in a tie-break in rapid chess.
FIDE separated Russian and Ukrainian chess players according to the playoff bracket. Group A included Ukrainians Anna and Maria Muzychuk, Humpy Koneru (India), and Lei Tingjie (China), who became the winner of the quartet.
The final of the Candidates Tournament will take place in 2023. The winner will play in the match for the world crown with the Chinese Ju Wenjun.


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