Gretzky about the hockey player “Toronto” Matthews: what he does looks like a young Ovechkin

MOSCOW, 14 April – Four-time Stanley Cup winner Wayne Gretzky compared Toronto Maple Leafs American forward Auston Matthews to Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin.
Last week, Matthews broke the club record for most goals scored in a single regular season. The forward with 58 goals tops the list of the best scorers of the current season. Ovechkin is 12 goals behind Matthews on the scoring list with 46 goals.
“Matthews seems to be really special (as a player). What he does is very similar to what Ovechkin did when he was younger. So I think they are similar in many ways. Both are outstanding shooters,” Gretzky said. the words of which are given on the NHL website.
“He (Matthews) has no limits because he is so good, he is big, strong and fast, and he has a good shot. From what he has in common with Ovechkin: a quick shot, speed and accuracy,” Gretzky added.
The Maple Leafs will take on the Washington Capitals on Thursday in Toronto.


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