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Gymnast Polstyana, who previously represented Russia, was banned from performing at the World Championships

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MOSCOW, 6 Aug – Latvian athlete Elizaveta Polstyanaya said she was denied the right to compete at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships.
“A very important post for me. Unfortunately, “sport is out of politics” are empty words, however, we have long been convinced of this … Perhaps the European Championship was the last start in my sports career. Of course, it was very beautiful and bright. In general, the season turned out great. I was not allowed to reach the goal that I had been going to all my life. They left me no choice, they did not give me the right to speak at the World Championships and finish at least this season, “Polstyanaya wrote on her Instagram page (activity Meta (social networks Facebook and Instagram) is banned in Russia as extremist).
“I’m not going to blame anyone, let it remain on the conscience of the people who made this decision. It’s a shame? I won’t lie and be a superhero. Yes, it’s terribly insulting, as if half of you were destroyed. But I’m used to acting in my conscience and thanks to my parents, who brought up in me the right life values ​​and principles, which, unfortunately, most have now forgotten,” the message says.
Polstyanaya started her career in Russia, but in 2018 she became a citizen of Latvia and began playing for the national team.
Russian gymnasts Dina and Arina Averina supported Polstyanaya.
“As we understand you. Hold on, when you move away, you will understand that life does not end there,” the athletes commented on the situation.
The world championship will be held in Sofia (Bulgaria) from 14 to 18 September. In March, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) suspended Russian athletes from competitions under its auspices due to the situation in Ukraine.



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