Gymnasts Dina and Arina Averin have a third, older sister – who is Polina Averina?

On August 13, the main sisters of Russian sports – Dina and Arina Averina – celebrated their 24th birthday. The girls are, without a doubt, one of the best gymnasts in the world and have earned the status of sports legends even during their careers.

But we might not have seen the victory of the charming twins, if not for their third sister. Yes, yes, Polina is also in the Averin family!

Not two gymnasts, but three

Polina Averina is 3.5 years older than Dina and Arina and, like the twins, was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. It was by taking an example from their older sister that the younger Averins came to the sport that made them champions. True, unlike Dina and Arina, Polina, who has been involved in sports since the age of 3.5, ended her sports career early – at the age of 13-14, without reaching serious heights. In parallel with gymnastics, the elder Averina went to dances and studied piano at a music school.

In 2014, when Polina was already 17 years old, she realized that she wanted to return to rhythmic gymnastics, however, not as an athlete, but as a coach. Soon Averina received a license and began to train young children. Polina worked with young gymnasts in Moscow for a long time, and in 2017 she flew off to teach at a rhythmic gymnastics school in Dubai.

Initially, the girl assumed that it would be a short-term business trip for a couple of months, but she stayed there and still lives in two countries, training young gymnasts in the Emirates. In addition, she is actively involved in the promotion of this sport in the Middle Eastern country.

Sisters of Averina

Sisters of Averina

Photo: From the personal archive of Polina Averina

“You know, working as a coach for me is not a routine, but what I dreamed of doing since childhood … Therefore, I get more positive emotions from work than negative ones,” Polina said.

On August 8, 2018, Polina married Yegor Gorbunov, taking the double surname Averin-Gorbunov. The lovers met in Perm when Polina trained her cousin Yegor. The couple hid their relationship for a long time, explaining that happiness loves silence. Recently, however, Polina has increasingly pleased her subscribers with photos with her husband.

In parallel with coaching, Averina studied at the university. First, the girl graduated from the Faculty of Management at the Higher School of Economics, then she received two more diplomas: a master’s degree from the UNN. Lobachevsky with a degree in management in sports and NSU. Lesgaft in the direction of training highly qualified athletes in rhythmic gymnastics.

Polina has not only a coaching license, but also a refereeing license. In 2019, the girl worked as a judge at the Special Olympics.

“Having twin sisters is a gift”

Polina admitted that she always had a good relationship with Dina and Arina. And even if in childhood they quarreled, it was over trifles. Now the elder Averina maintains a close relationship with her younger sisters, although she admits that because of their life in two countries, they rarely manage to meet.

Averin family

Averin family

Photo: From the personal archive of Polina Averina

“Having twin sisters is a gift that was sent to our family from above,” Polina said. – We see the girls only when I arrive in Russia, I always miss them and our entire family. Do I support my sisters in competitions? Of course, I always support them and worry about them no less than in childhood. We communicate every day, and before the competition I find words of support for them. I visit my sisters only for the Grand Prix in Moscow. I never watch performances, I just follow the online results, and only then I review the video.”

The elder Averina very actively supports her sisters, constantly publishing posts with pleasant words on her social networks. It may even seem that Polina has more publications dedicated to Dina and Arina than about her own life. The girl’s husband also actively supports the twins: like his wife, he constantly shares his joy from the victories of the gymnasts.

“I love girls very much, but not only because they are my sisters, but because they are really cool, positive, friendly, modest and smart girls,” Polina admitted. Girls are eternal positive and energizers. If they promise something, then you can be 100% sure that everything will be done. You can always rely on them and entrust your secrets. I can say with confidence that with such dedication and diligence, they will succeed and implement everything that they conceive and decide. And how it will be – together or separately – only time will tell.

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