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Skier Charlotte Kalla (Sweden) - 1920, 27.07.2022


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MOSCOW, 27 Jul – A statue of three-time Olympic skier Charlotte Kalla has been vandalized in Sweden, reports Haparandabladet.
The statue was installed after the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 in the native village of the Swedish woman in Tornedalen. The act of vandalism was not immediately discovered. The statue was partially destroyed at the end of May, and copper sticks were also broken on it. It is noted that the creator of the statue, Gunna Hansson, has already restored the sculpture.
“I can’t imagine anyone not liking Charlotte Calla, the favorite of the entire skiing world,” said villager Jan-Erik Blomkvist.
In the autumn of 2019, a monument to Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also vandalized in Malmö after the player became a co-owner of the club Hammarby, a rival to Malmö, for which the Swede had previously played.
Calle is 35 years old. She won gold medals at three Winter Olympics – in Vancouver, Sochi and Pyeongchang. She is also a six-time silver medalist of the Games and a three-time world champion.


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