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Hasek criticized Yashkin for a contract with SKA, Hasek lashes out at Russia, what Hasek says about Russian hockey players


There are not many cult athletes on the planet whose names have become household names over time. Not every superstar can become a symbol of not just an era, but of the whole game. Pele and Maradona, Jordan and LeBron, Gretzky and Tretiak are personalities of an incredible scale who are remembered and will be remembered regardless of their achievements, but simply as founding fathers, as people who changed everything in any sport.

Strictly speaking, hockey goalie Dominik Hasek can be attributed to the number of legends of this kind. “Hashek-style save”, “drag like Hasek” – the famous Dominator at one time showed a new, fresh look at the technique of goalkeepers, their work within the goalkeeper’s area, and became famous for his fantastic reliability. I, for one, have always been skeptical about the theory that a goalkeeper can win a match/series/tournament for a team, but the Hasek phenomenon has always been seen as an exception. After all, what Dominic did in the late 90s in Buffalo and the Czech national team defied any explanation.

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Even during his career, Hasek became a superstar, an idol of a generation, a role model. And when such an athlete came to finish playing in Russia, having signed a contract with Spartak, he simply could not believe it. Even to those who personally watched both comings of Jaromir Jagr to Avangard. After all, it was the same Gashek who took Olympic gold from Russia in 1998, the Gashek who performed unthinkable somersaults at the gate, the Gashek, who sometimes really couldn’t score. That Gashek … well, in general, the Tretiak of his era!

Dominik was deservedly admired around the world, and Russia was no exception. But Hasek’s career ended, he did not want to seek any new recognition for himself in hockey, and in 2019 he decided to go into politics, aiming immediately for the presidency of the Czech Republic.

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There was, of course, nothing strange or reprehensible in this – a person with a strong civic position was dissatisfied with the state of affairs in his country and wanted to change something. At the same time, Hasek immediately said that he was only at the stage of studying a new direction for himself and was still focused on business.

But the year 2022 came, then February 24, and the true face of Hasek the politician appeared to the world. The legendary goalkeeper has turned into an aggressive Russophobe provocateur who is not shy in expressions and incites other people to acts of a frankly discriminatory nature. However, it was hardly a transformation. Rather, the removal of the mask, the release of all the demons.

In this behavior, Gashek is far from alone, it’s just that the Dominator expressed it in an overly expressive, hyperbolic manner, which turned the legendary goalkeeper not into a person with an unpopular opinion in Russia, but into a natural jester, whose words no one intends to take seriously anywhere.

Judge for yourself. On February 26, Hasek on his Twitter page called on the NHL to suspend the contracts of all Russian players. It is not very clear how an adult can even seriously talk about the principle of collective responsibility, if we are talking about an entire nation. And what about Russian hockey players? Just as ridiculous was the demand for a reputable organization to “freeze” dozens of multimillion-dollar contracts for no reason. Interestingly, Hasek planned to pay compensation from his own pocket? Or did he just offer the NHL to throw all the Russians just because they are Russians?

A couple of months later, Hasek on the same site again called on the NHL to discriminate against the Russians. Dominic warned that he would consider it an “unforgivable act” for our guys to participate in the San Jose-Nashville regular season match, which should take place in October in Prague. As you can see, Hasek naturally sees the enemy in everyone who has a Russian passport. Is this not a clinic? And a person with such thoughts is going to run for the presidency of the state …

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Today, the attacks of the legendary goalkeeper in the past against Russia continued when it became known about the signing of a contract by Dmitry Yashkin with SKA. Hasek spoke in the spirit that the work of the Czech hockey player in Russia threatens the security of the Czech Republic (!) And called on the government to think about serious changes in legislation.

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Right now, Hašek resembles a couch critic who is a little crazy, who likes to scratch his tongue and requires other people to take on colossal responsibility. At the same time, Dominik himself does not seem to be planning to do anything other than writing Russophobic posts on social networks.

Such behavior is surprising for an adult, accomplished man. And the reasons for it are clearly not that Hasek simply “drowns” for world peace. Otherwise, such a principled person would have fled America back in 1999.

No, behind the words of Hasek lies a seething hatred for everything Russian, the reasons for which can be guessed by anyone who knows at least a little about the history of relations between the USSR and Czechoslovakia. At the same time, Dominik does not stand out among the bulk of compatriots in assessing these ancient political events, however, even now we do not hear even a third of what Hasek broadcasts from other Czechs respected in their homeland. Moreover, there are even people in high sports positions there who still call for separating the flies from the cutlets.

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But Hasek, as we have already seen, reveres the principle of collective responsibility, for him there are neither temporary nor social, but no framework. And this is not even discrimination, but something worse.

However, we remember how 12 years ago, the utterly principled Hasek came to the KHL for a long Russian ruble. During the year at Spartak, Dominator earned about 56 million – about $ 1.8 million at the average rate for 2010. Where else would he get that kind of money at 45?

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Well, now Hasek condemns the Czech hockey player, who put politics out of his head and came to Russia to earn money for himself and his family. And he also calls on the Czech government at the legislative level to start putting huge spokes in the wheels of their compatriots, limiting their rights.

Such is the democracy according to Hasek. Such a hypocrite and an open Russophobe. And no longer a hockey legend, but a buffoon mired in politics.


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