Health Benefits of Singing – How Singing Helps Improve Physical and Mental Health

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How can singing be good for health?

There is nothing easier than to open your mouth and sing, especially if you have innate abilities for this. That’s what everyone who hasn’t taken vocals seriously thinks. In fact, going to the class of a vocal teacher is comparable to a visit to the gym in terms of the degree of load. Or with a visit to a high-class psychotherapist, if we talk about the benefits of singing for our psyche. We talk about what you can get thanks to vocal lessons, in addition to everyone’s attention in karaoke.

Who studied to be a vocalist, he remembers well what feelings you leave the class with after class. Your back, buttocks and knees hurt, you feel the tension of muscles, the existence of which you had not previously suspected: the muscles of the soft palate, tongue, jaw … This is quite normal. Almost all of us know this physically unpleasant sensation the day after a good workout, when muscle fibers that have received microtraumas are restored, and the brain forms new neural connections.

Real singing is hard, but rewarding work. If vocals appear in your life on a regular basis, at some point you will notice positive changes in yourself.

Excellent posture

Classes in the elite art of vocals with a professional involve working with the body and chest, with the position of the shoulders and shoulder blades. You will soon forget about stoop.

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Tight and elastic muscles

Even corpulent singers do not look friable, but rather give the impression of being strongly built and powerful. This is not a stage impression, it really is. The body of the singer is disciplined and well-trained.

Proper breathing

A well-built respiratory system and coordination allow you to be enduring with any cardio load. Even if you do not sing, but, for example, go with acceleration, run, climb stairs.

Perfect breathing improves sleep, increases the overall vitality of the body, resistance to infections. There is also a mental consequence, also important and valuable: one who breathes correctly is able to maintain concentration for a long time without mental fatigue. And this is very important in our time of information overload and the need to constantly learn.

Feeling better

Excess weight and swelling go away, blood circulation improves, skin tone increases, internal organs work accurately and reliably. All these miracles are possible thanks to the correct resonation of the voice and proper breathing.

There are four points of resonance in the human head: throat, jaw, nasal and head. The point of head resonance is in the area of ​​the sphenoid sinus, which borders on the pituitary gland, one of the most important glands in the body. People who can breathe perfectly resonate “in the head” correctly. This triggers self-healing processes, including restoring a healthy weight.

But there is also a downside. Here I remember the words of my vocal teacher: a full opera singer breathes incorrectly, the resonance of his voice does not reach the sphenoid sinus, and this disrupts the hormonal cycle of the pituitary gland – hence the additional volumes. Sometimes you can hear: without a couple of tens of extra pounds, the voice will not be “meaty”. This can be attributed to the near-vocal mythology from ignorance. This is also how they justify their own “technical” imperfections.

Self confidence

Of course, technique is important, but still, first of all, vocals are about human manifestation in this world. About how a person bypasses or overcomes childhood traumas and fears that block his ability to express himself. Many want to sing, but are very afraid. They come to the class to work on the technique, and this should help overcome the fear. Technique improves, but fear remains, and there is still no flight, strength, freedom, emotional expressiveness and contagiousness in the voice. In general, everything that makes a singer, even with modest natural data, a real star.

Manifestation is a complex, elusive phenomenon. Not being afraid to be funny or beautiful is manifestation. Do not be afraid to be imperfect – she is. To manifest itself by singing means not to be afraid to like or dislike. It means to know yourself and your unique individuality through sound.

We sometimes say high-flown words: “sang like a god”, “sang so that goosebumps run through the body”. And here we must understand that not everyone is able to come to such a realization in sound. In a sense, it’s easier to level up technically than to work out and discover yourself personally in this way.

It is necessary to work in the body-breath-sound-mental complex with a teacher who knows where to start and in which direction to go. Then the vocalist, becoming stronger with time both physically and spiritually, at some point will be able to “break through” the ceiling of his natural abilities, break through to the listener and realize himself one hundred percent.

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