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History of the Indian cricket team 2019 | Ind vs Aus Match

| Ind vs Aus Match: On the fourth day of the fourth and final Test of the four-match series, only 25 overs were played. Kuldeep-Shamira gave away the first innings of the match. The last day on Monday was not played for rain, after the completion of the match with the two captains, the umpire announced the end of the game. The draw is the Sydney Test. win series

Australia might have saved Australia in the rain, but could not save the series in the series. India won the series 2-1 in the fourth Test match.

And this is the history of Australia in the history of Virat Kohli Team India. For the first time, an Indian team won the series in Australia. This win seems like a ‘world win’ Kohli

Kapil Dev, Rahul Dravid and Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not Saurav Ganguly has come back to the nearby Indian cricket has touched the elusive history by the hand of Virat Kohli.

Not only that, India also won the Test series in Australia as the first Asian team.

Earlier in 2003-04, there was an opportunity to win the series in Australia. However, Steve and stood between India and the series win. That day, Steve’s stumping opportunity was spoiled by Parthiv Patel. After that, the epic innings of the captain of the Australian captain stood in the midst of India’s Test victories. India lost the series win because of the draw that day. The history had to come back from a rift to a Bangansantan. By the hand of Sourav, the day which had remained incomplete, it is as if the shouting is Monday.

Cheteshwar Pujara of India is the Man of the Match and Man of the Series. Earlier, in the first innings of the Sydney Test, India made 622 runs for 7 wickets in seven innings. In reply to the reply, 300 runs out of the total was dismissed by Azira. Australia, forced to follow after 30 years in their own country,

When the rain interrupted for the fourth day to stop the game, Australia’s score in the second innings was not lost by any wicket. For the fourth Test, they had to survive in the crease for one and a half days. Cricket experts say that the current performance of Ajij was almost impossible. If the rain did not interfere, the fourth Test might have won India.

Earlier, India won the first Test in Adelaide by 31 runs. Australia won by 146 runs in the second Test at Perth. The third Test in Melbourne, again won by 137 runs, Team India

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